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  1. Tbh top 16 out of 100+ teams is kinda good...! If you placed top 32 back in the day you had the right to pt check any bad kids that crossed your path!
  2. Once Mikwen starts chewing his fingers off it's usually down hill from there...
  3. They haven't won a event since they took fuel rod off of truth is the word on the forums...
  4. I was geeked af that I was able to watch lg play cause I worked late only to fall asleep after game 1 lol..
  5. Vegas Pedictions 1. OG 2. Liquid 3. Splyce 4 nV 5. LG "most likely str8" 6. Str8 7. Alg 8. EG 9. 3'sUp Top 16 = Pnda
  6. If ghandi was still into halo I could imagine an epic Ghandi's Thoughts on all this 343 worlds location & pnda robbery/fxckery that's been going on...!
  7. Maybe off topic but why hasn't mercy "w/out saw" & Koth been tested for competitive play?!? I'd rather play mercy strongholds than empire strongholds... I was also surprised the protube & magnum variations weren't tested as pick-ups... 1 more thing is it just me or does the silenced AR feel way way less weaker than standard ar | I never finish kills w/ it...
  8. My homie EU homie Shabby going in right now in the EU regulations
  9. Ninjas shot is really good but his moevment & routes he takes are basic af... He misses the same jumps I do & does stupid ishh w/ power weapons... This is coming from a ninja fan you can tell he doesn't like to play halo anymore... After scrims he gets on & plays h1z1 lol... EG is a good fit for him cause roybox have their own ishh going on & already play part time halo. He fits right in & it baffles me how they think can compete w/ only playing 2gether during scrims & a few games of match making. Stellur is now the only full time halo player on EG & @ best MAYBE they pull a 6 seed @ the end of the season... As a fan I hope they win & get ishh figured out but a part of me wants them to continue to lose & have to go thru some of these youngsters on the come up in the AM scene...
  10. I see everyone talking about how well Lunch was playing last night vs clg but I was watching Frostys POV & the kid is a absolute animal... Every time I tune into his stream he's doing something that I've never seen... A jump, a route, a ledge, an angle, a crouch & turn to stay alive. I have not been so impressed by someone's gameplay movement & on the fly thinking since I first seen areallygoodnoob show up in halo 3... End Rant n shoutout to Lunch tho good to see him & eg playing well n not tilting + complaining!
  11. is there any type of "in depth" breakdown of & why clg r so dominant? I can't believe players r ok w/ playing for 2nd place seeing how clg are miles above the comp....
  12. Might b a little late but was just wondering why no one from NA has looked into picking up Jimbo? I know he said he would need a place to stay if he competed over here but I honestly think optic would have been better w/ him over acee! N that's coming from a ace fan!

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