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  1. Budget mose and a square face
  2. The first two matches are not being shown on stream (Denial vs Optic and Liquid vs Elevate) the rest of the matches will be as it's double elimination.
  3. I tried to post the image multiple times and it didn't work so gave up and posted a text reply while doing something else.
  4. EDIT: The relegation matches are being shown after the first round matches. Strongside tweeted the match order which also shows that the first two relegation matches are not being shown on stream.
  5. I know halo pros aren't the best at hiding the intel but could this really be true?!? The obvious troll post but then I noticed this too Will we being seeing Mouse coming season 2?? either way enjoy this hideous Niko/Contra edit
  6. I assume ESL was chosen if one had to be due to the fact ESL can cater for EU and other regions. But it really sucks we get no MLG open lans and I hope this gets changed very very soon by 343.
  7. But wont even come close on LAN. The only team that will beat CLG at LAN has Cody and Devon on and I 100% believe this just look at the past major LAN events. The Old ALG (with goofy) just didn't have a chance this new roster if they make it to top 4 I would not bet against them. For season 2 I feel they could make the roster stronger but I am willing to be proven wrong. Note old ALG beat NV on LAN too and I would argue that was a weaker side.
  8. That underrated as hell noble squad wont get back together for the same reasons they split up in the first place.
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