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  1. lol you hermit!! thanks for the bump
  2. - GT: Rawzoid , Events: Anaheim 09, Dallas 12. - Im looking to compete in AGL 11 & 12 + Future events. - A little bit about me, I've been playing Halo since CE. I have a bad habit of at least putting a little time into Halo everyday, I have a great shot and great callouts. I'm looking for a "serious, dedicated team" that knows how to turn that competitive switch off and have some fun and BS every now an then. IF you are serious HMU Schedule: (Mon. - Fri. 5pm-12am) (Sat & Sun - I can be on anytime you would like)
  3. Name: Peter R. Jr (PJ) Gamertag:Rawzoid Games Played:Every Halo Area in California: SFV,Hollywood. Future Gaming Plans: To Find mature local teammates that also want to go to events. (AGL)

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