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  1. I'm glad you actually liked my weird experiment map, aka Threshold. I wanted to do so much more with it, but back then Forge was so glitchy I couldn't use the pieces I wanted to, nor did I have the objects to do it. It plays a fantastic 2v2 flag (5 flag ftw) and not much else haha! All it was ever meant to play was 2v2 Flag, so mission accomplished? Anyways, cheers...I'll probably try an inspired project later sometime!
  2. Gametype settings that allow this can be quite easily made, but all precision weapons are affected as well, sadly.
  3. No, you just can weld vehicles now without glitch-spawning them into a welded group.
  4. Last time they made something similar to this a supported feature, ala vehicle welding.
  5. Odd, it works on every embedded player but this site. Here's a dry link. youtu.be/3gCOe5w2EpgRequires http:// in the front.
  6. The glitch (demonstrated in the video) allows for projectile and mechanic swapping between various weapons, creating endless possibilities for weapon combinations! Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/3gCOe5w2Epg Let me know what you think in the comments on the video and in this thread!
  7. When someone sucks at the game, they tend not to understand that concept. :/
  8. HHighBriD, I would like to know if you are willing to play this weekend?
  9. I'd be interested in trying this out to see if we'll work well together. Add me @Kurismic.
  10. Add me @Kurismic and we'll play to see if we can work together.
  11. What are your qualifications and experience?
  12. What are your qualifications and experience?
  13. What are your qualifications and experience?
  14. Hello all, I am looking for highly skilled players with which to advance my halo career in a team setting. I am extremely interested in attending (being strong competition in) competitive events as well as playing in online tournaments. I am a highly skilled player with many years of halo experience, including multiple LAN and online tournaments, Gamebattles Ladders, and competitive multiplayer. I started playing Halo with CE, but began to take my competitive skills seriously in Halo 3, forming teams and taking on other players. In Halo: Reach I was a "manager" for ~100 highly skilled players, hosting and competing in in-house tournaments for event passes. Now, with the release of Halo 5, I am wanting to form a team and take my skills to the mainstage. I need cooperative, noncombative teammates that are willing and able to practice, travel to events, admit flaws and improve, and become a synergistic unit. Please leave qualifications below. -Jace
  15. Hello Steven, My name is Jason (Kurismic) and I am a fellow free-agent looking to find a competitive team for Halo 5 and onward. I am quite an experienced Halo player, having competed in multiple online and local tournaments (Placing highly or winning), as well maintaining a fair Game Battles record. I am capable of travel by car or plane (depending on distance) and am available to practice often. I have been playing since CE, but did not start playing hyper-competitively until 2009. I have lead several teams as well as having been a manager for 100 competitive players, hosting in-house tournaments for event passes. I feel that we could work well together, as I have recently been getting back into the competitive scene in preparation for H5. Please contact me via message on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Kurismic. Thanks for your time.
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