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  1. So Lethul ends Apg's career then picks him up. But honestly, this is a bit surprising seeing how well they played last event, specifically Naded. They know their team better than us, though and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do.
  2. Halo 3 is what got me into MLG. I remember the first tournament I ever watched was a tD vs Str8 finals and I loved both Pistola and Snip3down. I miss those days so much..
  3. I officially hate Enable for getting my hopes up.
  4. I agree with everything stated above. It's not secret Halo's 1-3 were vastly more popular than Reach, and that was more popular than Halo 4. Loadouts, combined with sprint and descoping simply ruin what makes Halo, Halo. But, if 343 is unwilling to change these things they'll be left with a dead game, and probably series. And the problem now is, kids who started playing during Halo Reach are now accustomed to sprint and "Bad Halo" and might not enjoy actual Halo. Either way, Halo 5 needs a number of things to be successful but removing sprint and descope is a huge part of that. I only hope 343 will actually listen to the competitive community. They obviously could use our input because the population of this game is pitiful.
  5. Really liking all the apparel. Probably buy a t-shirt or hoodie within the next week. If at all possible in the future, a beanie would be great though. Keep up the good work!
  6. I really like the settings you have laid out. But, do we have confirmation Bravo will actually implement these into the game? Because I do like the idea of Legendary slayer but AR start is killing me.
  7. I'd like the same stuff, I'll dd you guys. GT: Surreal is Slim
  8. Yea, he is really drunk judging from that picture. So I'd say it's more likely he fell, instead of got into a fight. I could be wrong, though. I'd be surprised. Edit: Yea think he fell. https://twitter.com/EDWSnip3down/status/359192159699746819
  9. Yea, way too many people are gullible in this community lol. The trolling is entertaining, though. The pic probably convinced some people, but Formal and Apg are friends so I'd like to know what really happened haha
  10. For the first time in a while, I thoroughly enjoyed watching competitive halo. Had me at the edge of my seat. Great series.
  11. Ace just going in right now. Looking like a Ninja - Ryanoob finals
  12. Also I think the all this talk of someone from getting dropped from Ambush is a little crazy. I know people like to speculate, and the league is all about team changes now but when you win 4 events in a row, you don't panic the first time you experience failure.
  13. I so look forward to the Lxthul Ft. Gandhi podcast after this event..
  14. OH MY GOD, SO AWESOME. Can't believe Ambush almost blew a 2nd game slayer lead just like against Infamous. Can't remember the last time I was that scared at the end of a match.
  15. Here's hoping for an Ambush - Infamous finals that goes to 11. I'd love to see these two teams become like FB and Carbon, meeting in the finals every event.

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