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  1. GGs to everyone. Thanks for hosting the tourney.
  2. Team Name: Severance Winning Team: Severance Round 3 2-0
  3. Herotastic is not online to play us (Severance). We are ready for round 3.
  4. Gab and I (Severance) need to reschedule whoever we play for tomorrow. Thanks.
  5. Yea I know. There are rumors that they will be upping it so its all good. :frankerz:
  6. Gabriel and I will be streaming it. :frankerz: www.twitch.tv/zFearless www.twitch.tv/gabriel_svr
  7. Charter Communications $80 a month.
  8. Have you ever PLAYED Halo 3? Because everyone that has played it knows the skill gap is bigger.
  9. The skill gap is way bigger,maps,physics,ranking system, and gameplay is just all around better.
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