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  1. My friend took this the other day. Looks like we back
  2. I would be happy if there are 10-15 playlists across all 4 games, but I would like to see HCE doubles, H2 hardcore and H3 mlg have their own dedicated playlists. I'm sure 343 will get the playlists right
  3. I've always wondered this, thanks for the post
  4. Would be nice to see the maps that were on the circuit back in the day remade again, so my list is: 1. Ascension 2. Zanzibar 3. Lockout 4. Middyyy 5. Sanctuary (Finally an actual reskin of this map) 6. Warlock My honorable mentions would be Beaver Creek and Ivory Tower
  5. The fact that I just got on and have other things to do with my life, no. I did not read 10+ pages of comments.
  6. So are those maps part of H2A multiplayer? Will I be playing on an old graphic map and then next game ill be playing on a map with updated graphics? Why even call it fully remastered game if youre not fully remastering it. Also everyone is getting hyped over that H2A Ascension gameplay. Did you not see the abundance of H4 mechanics still in it?. Nade indicators, hit markers, H4 weapons, H4 character models, H4 announcer, H4 medals. Honestly it did look very beautiful, but seriously everyone likes H4 being spread all over our H2? Wow. This community really is hungry if we are just fooling ourselves and getting hyped over the same BS as before -____-
  7. Ok can someone answer this question. Are they only remastering 6 H2 MP maps? I thought they were remastering the whole entire game, including maps.
  8. I don't believe forge itself was the cause of Halo's downfall, but the way Forge was forced upon us ruined Halo. In Reach for example, Bungie was preaching Forge way before launch. They believed they didnt have to put much effort into making maps, because we the player could make all the maps! In turn we saw a degradation of Halo maps. In H4, Forge was very similar, but much improved and with some new mechanisms. The fact that H4 was about 80% BTB maps led us, the community to make smaller maps in order to have that Halo feel again. Honestly I love Forge, but I would rather have no Forge if that meant the devs put more effort into making better maps. Or they can make Forge a real map editor so we dont have to use building blocks to make a competitive map.
  9. You'll receive no such hate! I agree with you!
  10. Pool full of Halo and we dive in, pool full of Halo and we dive in.
  11. Either revamp and overhaul Forge to make it a complete map editor with weather, landscape, color, etc options included, or don't put forge in the next Halo at all. We as a community are forced to rely on Forge way too much and in turn we get awful real maps. In Reach the maps were recycled from the campaign and in H4 there was just no thought process put in them. I can't even name a H4 map that I think oh yeah that is a great map! We need a better Forge or not at all.
  12. Firefight over Spartan ops any day. I really would like to see a return of the ODST style firefight, but I also really liked Arcade Firefight from Reach.
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