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  1. Hardcore Doubles FFA Looking forward to the closed beta.
  2. Perplexity: RUINER, MuNoZ XBC: RRUINER
  3. This isn't super accurate. The Halo 2 was across 4 separate gamertags, I had 20+ gamertags I played on in Halo 2.... The Halo 3 is probably much higher because I played that game on a large amount of gamertags as well. Everything else is pretty accurate though.
  4. November 9th is a Sunday, games typically release on a Tuesday (November 11th).
  5. I hope it isn't just a rumor, and that it is a reality.
  6. H1 and H2 aren't on the list. But yes, H1/H2 > H3
  7. Ricochet would be viable if we had the option to disable the throwing of the ball. Same with oddball.
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