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  1. I have gone to this stream several times the last few days and I have not had a single time where they were actually playing.
  2. Shocked that the first 4 times I have tried searching it has malfunctioned and can't start a game. Is this piece of shit working for other people?
  3. I watched 5 mins and got bored. It looked like the AR was the best gun in the game.
  4. Just got for the first time in like 3-4 days, get a game pretty quick but its 4v5 on warlord and full red bar teleporting connection. Quit. Search for another game. Can't get a game. Get off. Don't know when I will bother to play again. I get on and have kids on my list who seemingly haven't gotten off the game since it came out. Have 4-5 K kills in matchmaking etc. I mean how the hell do people play this game, I don't get it.
  5. Thing is the patch notes are just completely wrong. They wouldn't just lie about what they were fixing then come out 24 hours later with a patch that fixes nothing. It would serve no purpose They mistakenly thought this patch would fix all the stuff they listed. Only thing you can conclude is that they probably just have no clue how to fix it.
  6. Didn't the patch notes explicitly say they fixed backing out and remaining with party after games?
  7. Is this patch still expected to come out this weekend or are people thinking its a "who knows when it will come out" thing now?
  8. This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. The person who goes 12-2 is couching in a corner with a shotgun and makes his team play a man down in every situation.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised. I honestly have little faith the update will fix anything. I get the impression 343 is like a 5 person team working in a basement.
  10. So I guess this is a way to tell if your host. You can literally click their name and boot them from the game if your host. They say its a "hybrid" system for dedicated servers which is what they said about COD Ghosts. What that means if Ghosts is any indication is that 95% of games will not be on dedicated servers.
  11. How late in the process could 343 have decided on delaying the game?
  12. Personally I am shocked that 343's update didn't fix anything.
  13. Also good luck selling halo 5 to people on the fence when their last memory of halo is a game they bought that didn't even work.
  14. If it truly takes several weeks then RIP Halo. People who post on here will still play of course but 90% of the players will have quit and would not return. Did they know it was going to suck this bad and just managed to keep it quiet long enough so they could still sell? Now they make a ton of money while putting out a dog shvt product, and there's nothing anyone can do abut it.
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