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  1. I like your style. I also find myself to be quite good looking lol. Hit me up, Ill add you. XL MUDCAT LX
  2. I'll run some games XL MUDCAT LX
  3. Hmu I'm interested in running games. Played over 4 days of H5. Even if we're not a good fit I need to stop playing with randoms. On most days
  4. So those of you on the forums know it can be crazy trying to find a good team that matches your play style and personality. So with that being said I figured it was easier to start a team rather than join one. I am looking to start an H5 team for online tournaments. LANs may be a possibility in the future but that would be a team decision based on success online. So here's basically what I'm looking for: Age:20+ (Ideally 25+ plus, but I won't be that picky) Personality: Easy going but competitive, laid back, no raging or quitting, cool under pressure (even while losing) Work: Willing to put in time to developing team communication and skill (learn callouts and strats). Practice minimum 3 nights a week Skill: Be good. I could care less about your K/D on waypoint. You should know if you have skill and what role you tend to excel in (I'm a good support/obj player). I care more about team skill than individual skill. Competitive experience: Nice, but not necessary Anyway if you think we'd work well together than lets run some games. I'll be on as soon as H5 releases for me (CST) Message me on XBL or here. Please include your typical role or what you feel your strengths are. GT: XL MUDCAT LX
  5. Sounds good. Sent you a waypoint message GT: XL MUDCAT LX
  6. Decent player, good with a team. Communicate well, don't rage. Last 10 games 1.59 K/D 1.5 W/L (HCS and halo 4). Tried to play in HCS season 1, but had teammates not show up and didn't do all that well using my wife as a sub lol. So basically no competitive experience, but I play a lot now and willing to work. Also, I'm a grown ass man with a job so if tournaments were in the cards I would go if I thought we'd have a chance. Even if not for a team, hit me up for customs/mm. GT: XL MUDCAT LX
  7. I'd be interested. I know my record looks like garbage for reasons I won't bother going in to. I'm a decent player, even more so with a team who actually communicates. My last 10 games (Played solo, Mix of HCS and Halo 4) 1.59 K/D 1.5 W/L. Some rough ones in there (got my ass handed to me in HCS this morning), but I'm not trying to bs you so it is what it is. Hit me up either way for customs/mm or whatever. GT: XL MUDCAT LX

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