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  1. Just in case you guys missed any news from last week (you probably didn't), my Podcast, Reclaimer Radio is jumping on the #content train and I did a news round up from last week, covering the MCC Patch, Relic, and the new art book coming out and what it could mean for the games release. (also includes some cool game clips by me )
  2. we don't participate in these illicit activities. meet you in the back alley
  3. so what's new in everyone's lives? of course, besides pooping on gold toilets and watching tv in 4D because that's how premium we all are :flames: :flames: :flames: :flames:
  4. I personally think that it should have a purple velvet background and sparkling golden scroll font
  5. It's a guilty pleasure, but i love sliding in Destiny so I wouldn't be heartbroken if it made its way over to Halo.
  6. Got to be able to see the players in Prone on your screen
  7. John Homes is the product of JohnLock shippers everywhere. #lore vgchartz is unreliable, Amazon recently said that MCC had more preorders than AW on XBO or 360
  8. We just got name dropped in the stream!!! :chiefdancing:
  9. not an apology, but rather a clarification of the game mechanics, to make sure people know what the hell is happening in the game
  10. They would have to explain the mechanics before hand to make sure this doesn't happen.
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