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  1. What's the verdict boys? MCC bout to get lit again? Halo 1 gonna be something playable not a broken PC game?
  2. v7 is awesome. The best thing to me is the fade in timer before the game starts so you don't have people spawning in before the other team.
  3. Lmao my dad had some lady smack his rear quarter panel and do damage. She got out and laughed and said "it wasnt that bad"
  4. I was able to find a car thread like 15 pages back but it wasn't much of a discussion on cars or people really sharing and talking about their rides. If mods feel it's necessary you can merge threads or whatever. So what's up nerds. Any of you have a cool car you're proud of and want to share? Want to discuss cars or anything car related? Let's do it here. I just got myself a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. 78k original miles. Here's some pics of my baby.
  5. Not sure I get the early hype. I love battlefield, (or at least I used to before every player and every vehicle served as anti-air and made helicopters pointless) since WWl was basically digging trenches and shooting at each other from them. I don't know how you can create a satisfying BF experience while staying true to what WWl warfare was like. At least by WWll there was much more advanced technology, air sea and land, which would make for more diversified and IMO satisfying battlefield arena. They show planes but aviation was in it's infancy at the time of WWl. Tanks weren't even really tanks yet. The ground combat was about as primitive and barbaric as a 20th century battlefield could be. Dig a trench across from them. Hurl shells at each other. Repeat. The only really cool thing is I won't have to hear a constant lock on tone from the 32 other players who can each carry AA missile launchers, plant AA launching SAM mines, or hop in a half dozen vehicles with AA capability. But like I said, aviation was in it's infancy so how much will air combat even be a factor.
  6. Have you guys realized Halo 5 is the best Halo since 2007 yet?
  7. Oh I get it. You guys are trolling.
  8. It would be nice if they didn't have to serve their Microsoft overlords and release a new game every two years so meaningful support could actually go a long ways. F2P with focus on and expanded REQ system and continued game support would be a great thing. Halo 5 actually has potential in MP. God it feels weird saying that.
  9. Halo 5 a game I can enjoy. Never thought I'd say that with 343 making it but I really do.
  10. I play the same 5 maps every time I play and never get bored.
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