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  1. After watching 2gre play Warlock on MCC I was just amazed on how well he understands that map. That Bomb Warlock was just destruction.
  2. If Snakebite gets dedicated enough this team will destroy. Snakebite is so underrated IMO. He slays and isn't afraid to play the OBJ as well. Looking forward to this team!
  3. This is what I went with for choices as well!
  4. Hey all, my name is Nate (GT: Civant) Iv lurked around the forums since the beginning and I decided it was finally time to start posting! Been following competitive halo since the beginning of Halo 3. Looking forward to contributing to the rebirth of Halo!
  5. He ment change the speaker tags I do believe. I have also had terrible luck with Turtle Beaches. I had three different versions because they where affordable and They all shit the bed very quickly and not to mention the mic quality always sounded terrible people would say. When I bought my A40s I realized how much of a difference it really was.

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