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  1. What's going on Beyond Forums, I have a team of 2 consisting of myself, xI Cranster Ix, and my buddy, EclipsedPhantom. We have been playing Halo competitively since the early days of Halo 2 back in '04. However we have never had enough money to make it to events. We can both play any position on the team, slayer, obj, support, depending on what the team needs. We plan on competing in the Halo Companionship Series and will definitely be attending RTX 2015 (I mean we all know there will be a tournament there). As of now our duo goes by the team name, The Pleasure Pack, but can be subject to change. We are looking for those that are seasoned in all Halos, mainly Halo 2. And are willing to compete at an extremely high competitive level with us, as we have made our mark online for the past 10+ years. As of now we don't plan on attending any tournaments or LAN's till at least January 2015, due to school, and getting money for events. We will run FFA's and 2v2's and try and find scrims in the coming weeks to see if all of our play styles mesh well. Requirements: 18+ (In case of age restrictions) Able to travel and compete in tournaments Able to play at least 10 hours a week Can adapt to others play styles well Ready to place top 4 in first LAN tournaments as team GT: xI Cranster Ix Twitter:@xCransterx or GT: EclipsedPhantom Twitter: @EclipsedPhantom
  2. If anything, Hecz needs to realize Flamesword is a terrible choice for the OpTiC brand name. Flamesword basically chose a team on names, and not on position players. If anything, Flame is the one that needs to be dropped from OpTiC. Otherwise I see that team splitting up in the near future.
  3. Team Cyanide -Looking for 2 players and a coach for future Halo events like AGL 9 and beyond, as well as to scrim with on the daily. -Looking for teammates who have basic all around Halo veteran skills, such as map position, call outs, strategic thinking, etc. -Also looking for a coach with excellent callouts and ordnance time drops, strategies, etc. We practice every day and night and are looking for top pro/am players to break the top 8 in AGL's. My teammate and myself have played competitively since Halo 2, and are ready to break out into the pro league. If interested hit up myself on XBL, GT: xI Cranster Ix Twitter: @xCransterx or GT: EclipsedPhantom Twitter: @EclipsedPhantom
  4. GT: xI Cranster Ix San Antonio, TX
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