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  1. thank you for the feedback dude had a look on my editing software and there is a zoom option aswell so i'll use it for my next video too bad im shit so i cant get anymore clips though
  2. my first real video edit so be nice please
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qfx9eoB-88 anyone else watched this? an eye opener on the differences tbh check the top comment too pretty sure this has gotten 343 to remove some videos off the official halo channel
  4. the next Eminem https://oddshot.tv/shot/AftxxxxrMath/UzoXdHgcXdFBkIxpvfw81_nM
  5. off topic but just remembered how beautiful this really sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbwLYxYIavo
  6. whats all this drama with halo and mlg? hardly go on here anymore due to working full time and nights
  7. Aint been on here in like a month can someone bring me up to speed on whats happened please?
  8. aint been on here in time need to get my rep up but i dont even know how to post memes or gifs ah well i'll stick to being ass on halo
  9. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/FrTNm/video/14467384 im bad and im back on here again
  10. sorry about the random posts guys but i just want to say im glad to be back on here and im looking forward to the 2016 season for halo
  11. can someone bring me upto speed on whats happening right now
  12. yeah i lasted like 3 months on that game then i just pretended it never existed i brought the season pass thing for it too those dark days are gone now though thankfully
  13. im not good with memes or those video type things gifs i think they're called im just not funny or internet experienced enough also i started playing halo 3 in 2010 so im basically a reach kid
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