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  1. The only difference is that the juggernaut and VIP are chosen randomly. But I do agree with you that we don't necessarily need all 3. I just included everything for the sake of including everything. So long as they give us the options to do what we want then that's fine. But we need the options.
  2. Even if they don't include them all in MM, or if they have very low appearance rates, the option should still exist in the game. And don't forget the fact that it took months to get a team doubles playlist lol
  3. One of the things I've always loved about Halo is the diversity of it's gametypes. When i don't feel like playing in competitive playlists, or just want to play some party game types, there's always been a multitude of options. Unfortunately 343 didn't really include many gametypes in Halo 4. In fact, they took out many, many gametypes from the mix. Assault, Territories, Invasion, VIP (which i guess is more or less regicide), Stockpile, Headhunter, Race and Juggernaut are all base gametypes that were not included in halo 4. In Halo 5 id really like to see every gametype that we've seen, in every halo game. The more gametypes we have the easier it is to create custom gametypes. Not only did 343 forget to include a bunch of these gametypes but they also changed gametypes like flag and oddball (in my opinion for the worst) without giving us the option to use "classic" settings. Gametypes for halo 5 should include: Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, Assault, King of the Hill, Territories, Stockpile, Headhunter, Invasion, VIP (and/or regicide), Extraction, Infection, Griffball, Juggernaut, Dominion, Ricochet and any new gametypes they add to the mix. I at least hope they include a bit more variety, even if ALL the gametypes aren't present.
  4. It's a bit of a stretch, but if 343 were to implement this and wanted to do it right, they could at least add a forge object labelled "top-down camera" or something along those lines so that players could take a picture to use in the loading screen. I know it wouldn't work for some forge maps with closed roofs but it's still something. Otherwise, they could simply make the necessary pictures/screenshots for the forge maps they decide to use in matchmaking and implement them as soon as possible after a map is introduced into online playlists. Hopefully this would be possible without having to release patches each time.
  5. The thing with developer callouts is that even if they suck, as long as they code it properly they could switch out images with more up to date callouts later on once callouts get established amongst community members and pros.
  6. Here's an example of a dynamic loading screen that would change based on the situation (what is loading). On the right you have your top down view of the map, labelled with callouts. The bottom left would be random shots of the map with callout labels so you can visualize the different map areas (these would change every couple seconds). Lastly we have the glorious slow-rotating UNSC logo we've all come to love (well I'm sure there's someone who loves it...right?) Basically, adding info like this to a loading screen not only keeps them fresh but helps new players or even seasoned vets to learn new maps and their callouts much quicker. Credit goes to angrylettuce for the original idea. I made this one pretty quickly so don't mind any sloppy editing. It's really more for the general idea then the looks :P
  7. Mission accepted... well give me a couple days, but ill try and get around to it.... also beer would be nice. I guess I'll post it here when i'm done, or should i make a new thread?
  8. That's actually a great idea. I haven't really thought of that before but dynamic loading screens based on whats loading would be a great feature, and adding in callouts like you said would not only make it more accessible, but would also make it easy for existing players to learn callouts on new maps.
  9. Yeah, IMO Halo Reach's was the best in any halo. (It's probably just about the best thing in the game)
  10. Yea, agreed. So long as we get a menu layout more similar to past Halos ill be satisfied, but I'd love to see all that info without having to dig through menus. I really hope 343 redesigns their menu for Halo 5
  11. This is just an example of what the layout for Halo's pre-game lobby should really be. (Made it myself, so don't mind the sloppy editing) I would ideally like to see something like this for the next halo (notice the in-game ranks). Ps: also don't mind any inconsistencies like the Halo: Reach ranks and stuff like that :P
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