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  1. Still looking for players for Vegas. Still a free agent/ possible team of 2
  2. Free Agent for Vegas 100% going. If you're going to Vegas and want to run some games message me. My GT is Will Mannon and twitter is @deeficient, DM's are open.
  3. Looking for a to3 preferably but I'm willing to run with anyone. Must be a team who wants to go to the Cali event. Get ahold of me on twitter @deeficient or on live GT: Will Mannon
  4. Also if we don't get enough practice in before Chat we won't attend and instead focus on season 2
  5. Team of 3 looking for 1 solid player. The goal is to attend Chattanooga, we have a team pass already, teammate decided today after seeding tournament to quit. Can run games all day today and we grind late night typically during the week. GT: Will Mannon @Deeficient Message me on xbl or dm on twitter if interested or just post here. Thanks!
  6. Looking for a player who is willing to grind preferably 6 nights a week. Right now the three of us are on all day monday wednesday til about 2 or 3 am eastern. We hop on around 6 tuesday and thursday til about 2 or 3 am as well. I work weekends so I get on about 11 pm til 3 or 4 am and my team mates are on most of the day all weekend. I understand sometimes we need a break so once we find a fourth we will discuss a day that works best for everyone to take a break but other than that we are trying to grind online tournaments and compete in the online qualifiers may 14, 15, 21, and 22 so please make sure you can be available for those dates. I am currently in school but next week is my last week and my schedule will change to working weekdays but will then have weekends off. Just a heads up. My gamertag is Will Mannon My team mates gamertags are Kakunuh & Demiise x Please dont waste my time, willing to give anyone a chance but prefer players with high knowledge of the game and are willing to stick through it and grind as hard as possible at least until after the qualifiers in May. Feel free to post here or just message me directly on xbox or on twitter @deeficient Thanks!
  7. Hey corky I'm dying to compete and won't waste your time. Not going to act like my gameplay is perfect but I understand the game and am willing to put time in to grind hard before the online qualifiers. If you're interested my gt is Will Mannon. Ive got school tuesday and thursday and work weekends primarily. If necessary I can shift my schedule around to make online events and tournaments to prepare for the actual qualifiers. I want to take this seriously and I understand whats at stake here.
  8. Wish I would have known about this.. Went to the MES 2v2 halo and only 3 teams were there sadly...
  9. Looking for people to run customs with and possible some matchmaking GT: Deefy F Baby In eastern timezone. I hop on in the daytime before class and night time mostly. My ranks are all in diamond range if that matters.

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