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  1. nV have looked pretty strong since pro league. They 11-2'd TL the other night too And I think they beat OG 9-4. Hopefully if they keep this up they can win Atlanta.
  2. Halo came from a small bunch of guys who dedicated their whole life to building games they wanted to play, they were a bunch of geniuses basically. Hard to replicate that. But what I can't understand is taking a wonderful formula, and screwing it up this badly. This idea that we NEED constant innovation is counter-productive. You don't re-invent chess, you just make the pieces look prettier.
  3. Look at the numbers on this 24 hour old photo. Anyone at 343 willing to debate H3 popularity over H4/H5? HAHAHAHA No.
  4. I don't think anyone is blaming him tbh, everyone gets that the new CoD looks like it's actually going to be fun to play. Not to mention the scene itself looks in great shape. More spectators, more players, more competitors, and more money. And more LANs. It's really not a choice at all.
  5. so they can't make a good game and they can't run an esport. what can they do?
  6. or 343 making trash Halo games is really really bad for the scene. maybe if they could make a good Halo game, people would be inclined to stay?
  7. Yeah, he's basically the best player in CoD right now. He established himself so quickly in that scene it's insane. Such a gifted FPS player.
  8. i get that, but for some reason people react to criticism of MLG by bringing up 343. It's total whataboutery, yeah 343 are abysmal at times, but MLG have screwed up many times before.
  9. or you know, most people aren't completely blinded by rose tinted glasses and have issues in equal measure for both MLG and 343?
  10. I don't think there's much to say, other than Liquid looked Solid.
  11. 'The Living Document' sounds like a really bad Indiana Jones movie about bureaucracy
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