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  1. Same problem just got charged today for premium membership when i canceled 1 month ago threw the website. Now a extra 5 bucks was taken out after i even canceled my premium membership threw PayPal. Can you guys at least give us the 5 bucks back? It never says to go and cancel threw your subscriptions threw PayPal after you cancel on the website...
  2. Message My Xbox GT If interested Gt : drawA Champ in FFA 1600+ in Team Arena LAN/ Competition Experience 87,000+ views on Twitch.tv/mcMopless
  3. drawA Scrims best of 7 N/A Central Message ASAP If you are interested
  4. Looking For 3 for the open circuit cups send a message to drawA. I am in a Champ In FFA and usually get 2300+ in team arena every season and also have a lot of lan experience.
  5. Gamertag - drawA Scrims US Message and we can work out Scrim times
  6. Looking For Onyx/Champ Players To Grow As A Team and Play in Open Circuit Cups and Scuf Cups on Wednesdays on ESL and Also any Events that Pop Up For the Fall. Down to Grind as Much as Possible. Message drawA If interested.
  7. eSports Proficiency To4 Scrims HCS H2A / MLG H3 settings and forsure H5 customs when it launches gamertags H5 Award XoNrA General 9in9er Sunny iz Blazin
  8. For the HCS Astro 2v2 Tournament today when will the brackets be fully updated with all the teams that posted in the thread? My team eSports Proficiency is not listed :/
  9. Add H5 Award / StarPast for HCS H2A 2v2 scrims

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