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  1. we are taking tonight off sadly. We are playing tomorrow night tho
  2. Pumped to be a part of this and props to Dave for coming to me with this idea. Dave continues to do incredible things for the community and always wants to give back for the betterment of the community and the players. We are lucky to have him in our community and he deserves so much recognition and credit for all that he has done/continues to do. On a different note, party connection in MCC has seemed to be A LITTLE better the past few days but still requires quite a few hard resets. Going to make the HCS Cups this weekend very difficult to run smoothly and I really hope things gets better before Sat/Sun or it will make for some long days.
  3. welp looks like EG is officially looking for a 4th as TJ has moved on to bigger and better things... obviously joking on a more serious note, papaMikwen is THE man. That is all
  4. As someone who consistently lurks in the shadows of the forums (reads but doesn't post much) THANK YOU to everybody who supports the squad and to everybody on here who continue to help keep halo alive, you guys are the real MVPs
  5. Another awesome event from IG that they ran extremely smoothly, always impressed by the job those guys do. Until next time ✌
  6. Very curious to see if CLG does make a move, will every team below them change as well. Does any team stay the same?? Going to be nuts
  7. And I agree that Ryan is extremely underrated and a GREAT player...I simply feel APG is one of the best in the game right now and puts our lineup over the top. Ryan is certainly one of the best if not the best at map movement/knowing when and where to pull flags but when the other team is dead...it makes those decisions much easier.
  8. Roles have never existed. Some players put themselves in the position to run the flag more often but at the top level, players can do it all. The more versatility, the better the player IMO.
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