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  1. im off to the eu season finals today make sure to support us
  2. Really happy to see naded back but cant see him landing himself on a pro league team. missing a week on this game really hurts, missing a whole season of scrims is going to be to much to come back from in my opinion.
  3. if anyone cares, here are the coaches for the 4 teams who qualified for eu finals. U4X - Havoc Infused - Outkast Xmen - Xavi Vibe - Brightside
  4. I personally prefer the new truth ts. Having two brs in windows, as well as both a storm and smg in bases, made it really hard to to get of carbine bubble spawns when the other team had control of both bases with brs, carbines, smgs and storms. Also a lot anchoring in windows with brs old truth now there is a lot more movement.
  5. yeah thats me forgot the details for that account if you change this account to warlord that would be sweet.
  6. if anyone cares started a new youtube channel thought i would post it in here since alll my content is pretty much hcs clips and gameplays so if you are into that stuff check out my channel just started today uploaded a bunch of clips will start uploading gameplays and if anyone starts watching il do commentary's https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU7OZBu9Iyt1JeGBBosLeHQ
  7. currently on the last mission! managed to climb a ladder and are now trying to blow up the generaters this going to take a long time
  8. they completed two betrayals cant believe it
  9. completed the libary onto two betrayals hope this stream gets more views soon

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