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  1. Winning or losing to Reciprocity isn't legitimate? They've been playing extremely well all weekend.
  2. The comments above makes me sad that there isnt events every couple months with events being so sparse now. It's definitely more expensive and Halo isn't the same as it used to be but hopefully that changes in a couple years with Halo Infinite.
  3. He got this immediately after https://clips.twitch.tv/LightAlluringSalamanderMVGame
  4. Meanwhile in Halo 3... https://clips.twitch.tv/ThirstySuspiciousWitchMVGame
  5. They were down 2-0 then proceed to "reverse sweep" them to make it 3-2 and APG thought the series was over and got hyped... Then lost the series... and got smacked in game 7 50-21
  6. Why are Renegades so inconsistent? I get nervous for them game by game.
  7. Honestly what are teams doing so wrong that Teams like Splyce and Tox are doing right? In 2010 any team could win. Instinct and Final Boss had to try really hard to win usually going to game 10s and 11s. But after the top 4 there really haven't been any upsets and that has been the case for all Halo 5. It's usually been the top 3/4 (Optic, NV, Liquid in 2017 or Tox, Splyce, NV, REC in 2018) vs everyone else. What is so different now compared to the final year of halo 3? It's only friday and bracket play will be bo7, but what do teams have to do to make it competitive throughout the top 8 instead of just the top 4?
  8. Wise would have to sweat but they are capable of beating Renegades. I'm gonna be bold and say that Infused could potentially get first in their pool as well. I really don't think that first place is a guaranteed lock in Pool C.
  9. So regardless of where teams place this event, will the pools be random or are they determined by seeds?
  10. Anybody have insider knowledge on how many teams are going at this current moment?
  11. If you haven't been paying attention to this Ambush/Envy team you're in for a treat.
  12. I'm just gonna make a bold prediction here. Luminosity won't place outside the top 2 this season.
  13. For a company that told us outright that we use Self Selection Bias, 343 sure uses it a lot themselves when it comes to making decisions.
  14. For some reason I have a feeling 343 will give dates about where it is sometime next week. Wishful thinking probably.
  15. I feel like Midship is a map that should always be remade. Either at launch or through dlc. It should've been a crime that it wasn't in H2A
  16. I've learned to expect nothing with Halo or 343 anymore. We can't even get an announcement for where the next events are going to be. Idk why i keep plying tbh.
  17. They didn't do anything to the pistol. That's the funny part. They nerfed everything else. So if you have a good shot, you're better off with the pistol because everything else is practically useless. This sums it up perfectly
  18. id like to try the br with the h3 playlist. it could be fun
  19. This is kinda off topic but I think one of my favorite moments in Halo 5 is when Flamesword and Maniac were trying to qualify for Regionals in the last chance qualifier cup and Lethul is in Maniac's twitch chat while they were playing Regret and he was "coaching" from the chat. That was so funny. Lethul was typing so fast.

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