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  1. So... Is there any semblance of a rough draft of map/gametypes for a potential v8 or...
  2. The question marks are for gametypes that should be tested and just some spitball ideas. Anchor 9 should just replace Pit altogether with the right tweaks. And the assault gametypes we dont have a no bloom version for them unless it is toggle-able. I remember Sanc bomb being a really slow gametype so from past experience I don't want to play that again but It'd be worth a try. I don't mind BC King but i feel there are better King maps. Nexus is the best King map in Reach so I think it should stay.
  3. The K25 Sanc should be the new version of Sanctuary for sure. Element Slayer should be tested again. I felt that was one of the better gametypes. There was a version of Anchor 9 that was pretty good that didnt get in and instead we got The Pit again. Replacing it might help how gray the game is. Powerhouse hill was alright iirc. Wouldn't mind testing it Zealot Bomb was another gametype that was alright and a lot better than Countdown and Sanc Bomb. MAYBE test the AGL version of Onslaught? It was bigger in Reach than 3 and was pretty fun even though it was another remake.
  4. Winning or losing to Reciprocity isn't legitimate? They've been playing extremely well all weekend.
  5. The comments above makes me sad that there isnt events every couple months with events being so sparse now. It's definitely more expensive and Halo isn't the same as it used to be but hopefully that changes in a couple years with Halo Infinite.
  6. He got this immediately after https://clips.twitch.tv/LightAlluringSalamanderMVGame
  7. Meanwhile in Halo 3... https://clips.twitch.tv/ThirstySuspiciousWitchMVGame
  8. They were down 2-0 then proceed to "reverse sweep" them to make it 3-2 and APG thought the series was over and got hyped... Then lost the series... and got smacked in game 7 50-21
  9. Why are Renegades so inconsistent? I get nervous for them game by game.
  10. Honestly what are teams doing so wrong that Teams like Splyce and Tox are doing right? In 2010 any team could win. Instinct and Final Boss had to try really hard to win usually going to game 10s and 11s. But after the top 4 there really haven't been any upsets and that has been the case for all Halo 5. It's usually been the top 3/4 (Optic, NV, Liquid in 2017 or Tox, Splyce, NV, REC in 2018) vs everyone else. What is so different now compared to the final year of halo 3? It's only friday and bracket play will be bo7, but what do teams have to do to make it competitive throughout the top 8 instead of just the top 4?
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