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  1. Agreed. And props to commentators working with the system as is. But muscling through it probably isn't good enough for HCS events (we were all disappointed by 343 vs the intertubes). And not launching w/ the mode would also make an online pro league impossible (and necessitate a delay). To clarify my hunch, they are delaying HCS as long as possible to minimize use of the current half-assed system while developing improvements-- to at least make it functional, if not loaded with basic spec functions. Or maybe I'm completely wrong and they plan to keep the spec system as is? Or maybe online pro league isn't in the pipeline?
  2. I have a (kinda ridiculous) hunch that HCS couldn't start an online weekly pro league at/near launch because of how broken spectator mode is.
  3. Anyone care to spill the deets on the UMG Breakout tournament today? Twitter tells me Team Liquid won with an asterisk-- and there some less than happy campers...
  4. I'm not sure individual players would stream it. On smite (sorry, I don't watch LoL and LCS), the official Smite twitch is the only source to watch it. I imagine this is to control content when it's a developer sanctioned event and to not cannibalize viewers. Who knows what 343 will do though?
  5. I agree completely. However, if 343 make HCS a weekly league system, which I generally would like, then they'll have no choice but to use the spectator system.
  6. Ahh, I joined the stream late. You may be right. In that case, I guess they'd have no choice but to use spectator mode.
  7. For grassroots tournaments, you're absolutely right. But this is ESL. They have every necessary resource at their disposal, not to mention an official partnership with 343. Let's also not forget that ESL has successfully done the 8 box streaming solution at previous events. I can only assume that someone at 343 insisted that the event use H5's new toys-- despite their being semi-broken.
  8. I'm just surprised they're trying to use spectator mode at all. Do they really think that having player outlines is worth bringing in all of the drawbacks of this mode?
  9. lol I'm sure they don't think of this secrecy as "pointless." In fact, it probably would have been best for all parties involved to not have any info about this leaked. These are business decisions. I doubt that pros want to keep fans in the dark, it's just that there are more important things at stake, contracts to honor, people to respect, etc. Any further discussion from the pros on the matter is probably a combo of pr and actual respect for the community. Yeah, people might say "Formal left because Halo is dead" for some time, but it's a little unfair to imply that spilling all the details of the situation would somehow be a better option when you...uh... don't know the details of the situation. But, we are in agreement that a lot of the speculation is stupid.
  10. Agree wholeheartedly. There needs to be a shift in culture in order for the scene to grow, but also (importantly) to make it a fun thing to be a part of.
  11. While I see where you're coming from, I can't help but feel you're overemphasizing IG's role in somehow letting this happen. Yeah, it might not have happened if this was a sanctioned event, if better teams had shown up, if competitive settings had been finalized, if IG was "more professional," yada yada... But, at the end of the day, the situation was caused by a couple of disrespectful jerks with bad attitudes, and they deserve the lion's share of the blame.
  12. Too many members of this scene just show very poor character. Very disheartening sometimes. Makes me question how much time and energy I want to put into supporting the scene. feelsbadman
  13. I'm most bothered by the lack of character and class shown by Sudd 2, but I think this situation also provides an opportunity to examine sub rules AND how tournaments can avoid related problems. First of all, I think Iron Gaming made the right call. It makes sense: by Clutch giving up his casting payment, there's no real conflict of interest. Also, this is an open tournament, not a season or league that requires some sort of special entry process. However, I don't think it's unreasonable for RC to request a DQ and be frustrated when it doesn't happen. If IG has an official substitution policy, and used it, great. But 2 things give me the impression that IG made a judgment call this morning: Elamite's tweet about RC trying all morning to DQ them and Sudd 2's tweet that IG said Clutch hasn't played much/any H5. Regardless of the statement's truth, IG should never have brought Clutch's play time into the discussion. It's completely irrelevant. The problem with judgment calls is that they can be argued, often justifiably. What IG needs, and what many solid organizations have, is ironclad (lulz) rules that cannot be reinterpreted, questioned, etc. When RC says, "You can't do this because xyz," the tournament organizer needs to be able to say instantly and definitively that no rule is being broken. Am I trying to take the blame away from Sudd 2? No, those tweets were dick moves. But, in running a 10k tournament, IG has the responsibility to create a competitive environment with unambiguous rules and minimal chances for these contentious situations. I guess what I'm saying is that IG shouldn't have needed to make the right call. They should have been able to make the established, and therefore obvious, call. Or maybe I'm off-base and IG does have an official policy and it was followed to the letter-- and RC just bitched anyway. Actually, that sounds fairly believable, too. My last point (I promise!): In either case, why are the only mentions we get of the ruling are from the player's personal twitters? A little transparency would be nice, especially when these decisions are affecting teams who have made it deep into the tournament. /rant
  14. Anyone else hear Garrus Vakarian as a Spartan bro in Arena? I keep expecting one of my teammates to mention needing to go calibrate something...
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