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  1. We'll see. I believe Requiem will place 3rd at best with Snakebite on the roster. And if you actually believe he is the "best choice" for Requiem, it's obvious you have no idea what you're talking about.
  2. Completely disagree. Snakebite has nowhere near enough time into H4 to make a difference. He had the opportunity in Nashville with SQ and they lost twice to Pure. The next event there was then talk that he and Royal 2 were re-dedicating themselves to a strict practice regime to team with SQ and after a couple weeks it was announced they would not be teaming. I actually hope he does put forth the effort as it would only make AGL10 more exciting. My gut is telling me that it was a bad move by Requiem though.
  3. Someone should start a scrim thread reports for agl10. I watched Classic scrim Cryptic last night on Ryannoobs stream, Cryptic took them like 5-1.
  4. I believe they are going as Reign Instinct.
  5. You guys are the only team that's just out of the top 5 that has stuck together. It will pay off, keep grinding and it will pay off.
  6. I don't think they can keep Ambush? I believe Heinz owns the Ambush name.
  7. All of this team changing is great for Cryptic. Keep jumping ship guys, grass is always greener.
  8. Yeah, looks like 3 rounds are played tonight and the semifinals and grand finals are tomorrow evening. Thanks for the reminder about AGL Wired, I forgot all about that.
  9. Don't forget the PGL 4 v 4 tournament starts at 7:00 EST tonight. There will be 16 matches, best of five, single elimination. http://twitch.tv/nemassist
  10. I'm pretty sure Nemassist will be streaming. http://twitch.tv/Nemassist
  11. Depends on how serious they take it. I did see that they played Crytpic in the seeding portion of the tournament last Wednesday, Cryptic beat them.
  12. Legendary is - Devon, Sargoth, Contra ( lil talent), ABK Melvin Immortal - Proverb, Valen, Tie, Gonna
  13. This online tournament starts tomorrow evening. 32 teams, single elimination ( best of five) format. $10,000 up for grabs, matches start tomorrow evening the 4th: Round 1 - 7:00 EST Round 2 - 8:30 EST Round 3 - 10:00 EST Thursday the 5th will be the Semifinals at 7:00 EST and the grand final at 8:30 EST. Some of the teams competing are, Requiem, Infamous, Cryptic, Legendary and Immortal. Here is a link to the bracket: http://www.progamingleague.com/tournaments/27
  14. Wile I'll agree that cancelling the Sturgis event is a good thing, it never should have had to come to this. This lack of forethought by AGL has cost, 2 ( that I know of ) H4 players between $200 - $500 dollars since they had already booked their airfare. Cancelling 3 weeks prior and offering a " We're sorry"... is not good enough. AGL needs to have competent leadership, guys that will listen to the community, guys that understand not only the business side of running an organization, but the logistical side as well. I'm not sold that AGL currently has that based on the track record to date. I have hopes that things will change and the outlook of Halo improves. Come on AGL get your act together.
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