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  1. You shop for your food at Target? Is that not expensive as fuck? First real day at my serving job today at P.F. Changs. The raised heels on my work shoes are killing the mid point of my back. I also work 3 doubles next week. I thought I was going to be able to go to the gym after work also but damn am I tired. Workouts are going to be less frequent for awhile. All the free chicken, Mongolian beef, and sushi I WANT!!!(Well...a free meal each day I work basically).
  2. I'm pretty bummed out. Right when I'm about to start working with 225 on bench, I do something to my wrist that doesn't allow me to bench normal. I get a very sharp pain when I rotate it towards the left. I've had to bring in my grip about 1 1/2 to 2 inches on both sides(index finger where the grooves start). Since there is no pain when I do this, or on any other lift...idk if I should totally take a break or keep at it with the new grip. Gl duke. Go pick heavy shit up and put it down for me.
  3. Squat: 285lbs. Weight: 220lbs. I'd like to do a 5/3/1 program down the road, but I'm scared to do any 1rm's without a spotter I'd honestly say nothing has worked for me because of 2 things. I have no self control and I'm very bad at reading what my body is telling me. Since starting about 5 months ago, I'm the exact same weight now as when I started. I cared about weight loss in the beginning but cared about strength more since I'm weak. After seeing the skinnier people struggle with gains, I decided to just maintain till I hit 2/3/4(bp/squat/dl) then cut to about 195. Man, I can't wait till I get under 200. Next summer I'm not gna wear a shirt. Fuckit... or pants.
  4. I'm pretty close to hitting my lifting goals before I do a major cut till I'm below 200 on a full stomach. If I lose any weight between now and then, that is cool and all...but this is summertime in a small town in the south. A lot a of beer drinking has been happening. The reason I do that with the carbs(inb4 "BUT THE BEER") is carbs are the first source of energy. Less carbs to burn more fat to burn. Am I wrong on this? It isn't like I'm eating absolutely no carbs...I just eat half of what I normally eat(half a sweet potatoe{depending on size} or 1 piece of bread for a sandwich). Edit Stronglifts is no joke. The squats are killing me. Honestly, until I am done with my 3rd set, I feel really let down and it is hard to get the motivation to keep going. I almost said fuckit and left the gym after my second set yesterday. Once I get passed the 3rd set though I'm good cause I just think "Well damn, I'm already half-way over. I might either do 3x5 with squats or go back to SS all together.
  5. After counting calories and my protein intake...everything gets confusing for me. Idk my carb intake, I'm just sure to eat most of them before a workout, and less on off days. Fiber? I do my best to add greens...but when I just want to fill up with meat, I got some powder and pills to take. Sodium? Got no clue. Should I be taking Vit D supplements?
  6. Littering *Edit for relevance Getting into the gym has been so hard. And if I get this job at Trugreen(40-50hrs/week doing landscaping in the scorching sun), my gains are going to go out the window. Ima do my best to at least stay where I am.
  7. If the first word you say when play the complete the sentance game is "and"...you are boring and I don't want to play with you. Also, you're not invited to my birthday party.
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