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  1. If a mod would want to close this topic they can.
  2. Alright, thanks for the quick reply. Was wondering cause a lot of my friends are getting it on 360 since they don't own a ONE..
  3. So, if you purchase the Digital copy of Destiny on the Xbox 360 you can upgrade it FREE tto the One. But I was wondering; I purchased it on the One already and wanted to know if I could also get it FREE on the 360?
  4. I've seen some peoples ideas what they'd like to return and what could possibly work. Like sprint be in certain playlists. Why not have a Ranked and Social playlist like H3 did? I know it splits the community a bit. But if a causal gamer gets on he/she could try out Social before jumping into ranked. All ranked would be doing will be adding or removing certain aspects of Social. Motion Sensor, (De-Scope?), Sprint, Loadouts, Ordinances etc.. Get where I'm coming from? I think H4 would have been better if it was like this.. IDK just my PO on this subject. But I'm excited to see what E3 has to offer in terms of games not just Halo Speaking of E3 does anyone know if it'll be live-streamed to da internet? Cause I don't have Cable atm and probably won't have it back in time. Thanks in Advance!
  5. He probably noticed a decline in his viewers on twitch and YT when he went to nV
  6. Like, the very last one? Or just unsure of more in the future?
  7. Haven't paid much attention to the Halo scene this past month. But what happened to Legit? Is this just temp for AGL10? But it still sounds like a sick roster!
  8. Honestly, in my opinion a lot of pros/semi should get into a skype call or something. While streaming, and talk about what you'd like to see in H5 and what you'd want. That way it gives the viewers something to watch. And we have a way to pipe in our own opinion about it as well. Once all is said and done. Show the video to someone in 343i. You can even ask questions for the chat as well. Get some feedback that way. I don't know, just my personal opinion.
  9. For those who don't know. If you don't like the default controls of the BF4 beta and want it more like BF3. Switch your Button Controls to Veteran. Should help out Only difference I notice is that X is to get in/out of vehicles and B is to melee and RB is to spot. Also, hold Start to pull up your scoreboard.
  10. I haven't played Doubles in a while. When I heard they was actually updating the playlist I was sorta happy about it. But now hearing there are 2 gametypes with Radar...ugh.. I always avoided Infinity settings just because of radar and AA's. I just wanted some different maps. With weapons actually being balanced on each map. Not allow 1 team to pick up Rail and Speed Boost in the beginning of the match to allow a large lead(I myself haven't been on the receiving end of this too much. But I know it's frustrating. Because majority of the time players quit when my teammate and I do this.)
  11. Hopefully I win. GTAV comes out on my birthday xD
  12. Hopefully I can watch the re-broadcast or a YT video for it. Been having issues with my PC's not working properly. Can't wait to get them fixed in the next week or so.
  13. I'm one of many mods who actually do what is asked of us. Like Faith said earlier. If you follow the "rules" of the chat then you'll be fine. I only TO/Ban bots/spammers and people who actually deserve it. Some of us even give out a warning letting you know you're close to being TO'd or even banned. If you've been a victim of a bad mod, don't try and take it out on every other mod. Most of us are just like you trying to enjoy the stream while having a friendly conversation. :lol:
  14. I didn't even know that :o I should try it sometime!
  15. Actually I have thought about Extraction being made for 2v2's. But IMO, I don't think it'd work very well. It could be tested I suppose. The reason I said about Scythe being removed. Is because anytime I play it, it's almost always Infinity settings and if it's Slayer Pro settings, players always camp on 1 side of the map making the matches longer than needed. But, that's just my personal opinion about the map. I tend to avoid it because I find it boring to play on. Also, adding a few maps requires removing a few as well. Seeing how I could see 3 more Forge maps coming in (Hopefully). I could see them removing at least 1 Forge map from rotation. Just so the playlist isn't over populated with Forge maps, making it harder on split-screeners to play in the playlist.
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