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  1. Celebrate by grinding out more #content #thegrindneversleeps
  2. I would play Halo 2 doubles customs with my brother against some online friends (still remember those kids' names, Littledoosh and JROD) and we'd always get slapped because I was still playing as an Elite and neither of us knew anything about BRs. That's when we learned about MLG gametypes and eventually MLGPro. That's all she wrote. Been far too into competitive Halo and competitive gaming ever since. So I guess thanks, Littledoosh.
  3. Isn't there an issue with 2 people being scoped in as well?. Like if 2 people are scoped in and one person gets the first shot off, the other person can't shoot for like 2 BR bursts. Something like that. I don't know, either way I'm itching to try it out.
  4. Do you happen to have an account named tD KnightyNight? If not, I think you have a fan and they're on my friends list. Lol.
  5. This basically. The only environment I could possibly agree with sprint being implemented is BTB. It was never meant for an arena shooter, in my opinion.
  6. What isn't broscience in the world of health and fitness though? Everything's theory until tested. And everything that's tested has different results based on the person. But a "calorie being a calorie" isn't necessarily true in terms of losing body fat, considering weight and body fat are two different things. Everyone would be ripped while eating nothing but Oreos everyday. That being said, carb-cycling, low carb, etc isn't for everyone. I wouldn't even see the point in doing either of those unless you're either under 8% bodyfat and plateuing in fat loss or you're really carb sensitive. I'm like you, the metabolism gods allow me to be able to cut at ~250g of carbs so that's nice since feeling tired everyday would suck.
  7. I think they initially were using black and white because it reduces bandwidth usage... but now we have other PoVs showing the same things in color so I'm not sure.
  8. It's a shit trade-off with slow-mode, but I couldn't imagine how stupid we would act without it. I can never have a decent discussion because I'm constantly waiting 30 seconds to post again while everyone spams Kappa faces and giant dicks. I couldn't even tell how many mods we had since the whole mod issue Twitch has been having, but I know a lot of players that don't have time to even check the stream tend to be, which is pretty useless imo.
  9. Hopefully Twitch fixes the whole mod issue soon. Even so, it's still pretty gross how shitty we act as a community in-stream. I watch a lot of PC esports too and they seem like a fucking upper-class suburbia compared to our cesspool of an urban neighborhood we call our stream chats. It's like Youtube x 25 + cocaine. None of it's even the least bit funny. It's mostly things that you'd find on a 1998 AOL chat room type humor.
  10. To be fair, there was a lot of shit-talking from both parties, most of which stemmed from comparing stream numbers. It's a shame that people that weren't like that had to deal with the e-villains though.
  11. No one cares about your overkill, Halo's dead. Jk <3 Unless it was with rockets, then I retract my statement completely.
  12. Certified internet hardass reporting for duty. :frank:
  13. Trolls have such babyfaces these days... In other news, competitive SWAT LFGGGGGGG I'll be interested in seeing the leaderboards and pro streams this week.
  14. There was a picture afterward where Formal stated that they "made up", too. Lol. These guys are goofy. Considering the atmosphere and Sudd2 sippin' on Smirnoff Ices, I think it's safe to say that someone may have went a little overboard with the celebrations.
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