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  1. My # has nothing to do with my departure from the studio. I woke up the next morning and was surprised by the controversy my tweet spurred. It was not intended and I TRULY do wish the very best for 343. With that being said I am done with Halo. I've spent half of my life obsessed/in love with a game that I care deeply about and I personally know its time for me to move on. I'm sorry if my tweet was misleading. Its new being back on twitter, give me a mulligan edit: i really tried hard to look cool in this pic and i'm not even joking.
  2. So many times I've been teamed killed by X-factor level 3 Virgil. Shadyk takes partial blame -_-
  3. LMAO. The amount of anger that came out of this man at 3am...... Thank you, I was gigglin
  4. The heavy aim issue isn't related to the stick tuning within our game
  5. Trust me, i'm haunted every time I think about it. With that being said, I'm hoping to follow up with Hysteria and drop the sequel soon.
  6. I watched both of our VOD's over the weekend dating back to tournaments played since 2007. I counted every time I pulled a flag compared to T2. Study concluded that I pulled the flag 29 more times than Tom in H2, 345 more pulls in H3, equal amount of pulls in Reach, and in HALO 4 I DEFINITELY have him beat...(did he even play?). He has me beat in MCC H2A because I wasn't allowed to play. Note: My flag pull-capture conversion rate was around 98%. Another side note, T2 beat me in every CTF game in 2008.
  7. Your sig cracks me up every time....I love watching Mazik go in for that handshake.
  8. yeahhhhh playing people cross country on H3 MCC is bruuu bruutal
  9. Lol. That was the craziest Spartan charge I've ever seen.
  10. This is something I am looking into.
  11. I am pretty sure it is not directed at TB and more so towards Halo people/trolls on twitter.
  12. This is a Quinn/Ghost call. I don't really have any say on where weapons should be placed on Arena maps. I do agree that the Carbine is WAY OP on Truth and should be removed.
  13. No, Halo 5 sandbox was not balanced around Warzone. It was primarily balanced around the weapons within each class.
  14. http://halotracker.com/h5/player/n-2the-eighbor I try to play as much as I can after work when I get the chance. I am currently champion 96 in the arena playlist for this season with a 1.8 KD (lulz). Anddddd to answer your question, yes I do enjoy playing Halo 5. I love playing comp Halo MP regardless of the iteration but I will be the first to tell you that I am a Classic Halo fan boy. The fact that I was brought on to the sandbox team (just recently) should be a good indication of the direction we are heading. We are going to make Halo great, I can promise you that.
  15. Good video. I know what's causing our sniper to hit 100% of the time from hip at that range and I will definitely investigate further into this issue.
  16. Eh, I wouldn't say that H5's sniper exceeds ALL compared to previous iterations, there are pros and cons to each. No descope H4 sniper was pretty OP IMO and the H2 sniper rifle ROF pretty much guaranteed a two shot to the body kill. With that being said there are definitely some things with our sniper rifle that I would love to change to make the weapon more skillful to use. And yes, I am on the sandbox team and yes, I would love to tackle the automatics as well.
  17. Historically, all of our hitscan snipers have been extremely easy to use while scoped in i.e. H2, Reach, H4. I personally think that the sniper hip fire is an issue that our team wanted to tackle first. I wish I was allowed to tune more within this update but hopefully this will be a good starting point.

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