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  1. I know I'm late on this, but is season 2 of True Detective worth it? I'm talking in the context of buying it to watch, not pirating it. Its $30. If it helps, I thought season 1 was great. Oh, OT of GD, Halo. I'm really hoping Ola shines this season. Edit: I'm asking because I (for the most part) trust your judgement.
  2. Missed it by thaaat much. The correct answer is 117%. I appreciated your enthusiasm, could tell you were enjoying yourself.
  3. I work with a lot of black guys. Does that give me permission to expand my vocabulary?
  4. Random observation. I have a Samsung S4, the charger that came with it often slow charged my phone. If the battery died and I plugged it in and started trying to use it heavily it would die again. I swapped in an XB1 USB controller cable, my phone stopped bitching about slow charging, stopped getting hot, and stays alive while in use.
  5. twilek7225

    NFL Thread

    He has asthma. Cold weather makes it flare up worse on him.
  6. I work for a fiber optic ISP that delivers IP based video service. We started experimenting with external HDs for DVR service on our set top boxes a few years ago. We were using the USB powered Western Digital Passport HDs, pretty similar to the HD in this link. We deployed 100 of them and began seeing mass failure within 6 months. Almost all of them died within a year. We were having a WTF moment until it dawned on us that these types of USB drives were essentially backup HDs and weren't meant to be spun up all the time. The set top box was constantly using the drive while it was powered on so that pause live TV would work. We ended up going with a more robust AC powered external HD that could stand up to more constant read/write. I'm not sure that it's a true 1-1 correlation but I believe that it stands to reason that the same principle might apply for a heavy XB1 user constantly accessing the storage on a USB powered drive. For what that's worth.
  7. twilek7225


    It's for his brother who will be living in a dorm. Chances are he won't be interacting with the ISP, the college will be providing the internet connection. Also, your statement isn't completely true. Even if your ISP is only providing you with a small amount of bandwidth, your router can help you get the most out of it.
  8. twilek7225


    Support Supervisor for fiber company. We don't recommend routers, but we always recommend against Belkin. Seen them cause random network issues so often. The Asus in Mysterion's post is what I have, but if you are looking to not spend much money and grab something off the local shelf, go Netgear.
  9. McDonald's Coke > Edit: Sorry, carry on.
  10. Firing might be a bit harsh. Written warning by the HR department maybe. And a reduction in pay.
  11. Well, it's obvious that the only way balance will be restored to the Halo community is if Beyond steps up and takes Saucey off the company letterhead.
  12. Wha? Not privy to their budget meetings, but going to guess that 1% is an insane amount of money to gamble on a promise.
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