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  1. @MarkyVersace I totally agree with you. Norm says it best here.
  2. Freedom of speech is increidbly important. Freedom of expression, and calling an action of violence is completely different, and not protected by the constitution. A lot of people have a hard time seperating the two. The first should always be protected since its our inalienable right as us citizens, as laid down by our founding fathers. I might not agree with what the president is saying or doing but I would fight for his right to say/do it.
  3. Anime fans that lean towards beastiality
  4. Pretty sure everyone said this when Gore lost too
  5. like the internet? or several major retailers?
  6. bro, the craft soda movement was and still is a thing - and theyre better than your big soda brands. you should drink what you enjoy, otherwise you are just drinking to get drunk/numb feelings. -
  7. Its all @bman's fault Also ill try that beer but im not expecting much. 6% ABV for a BA stout? interdasting
  8. Says the guy who cant hit the edit button, or organize his thoughts well. lol.
  9. Lol @ legendary completely misunderstanding your post. That cumprehension.
  10. Can someone post a tutorial on how to use the edit button so Niku can stop spamming. pls.
  11. Yes, you respond to 5-10 posts at a time without simply hitting the edit button. Please learn not to be a mad man w the spam spam.
  12. I like a few local representatives, but thats about it. Hard to think of any one politician that I truly like or endorse.
  13. I also find it ironic that conservative christian republicans consistently oppose legislation that mirrors the teachings of Christ...

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