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  1. Scalzo

    NFL Thread

    Nah, the Denver Broncos #Vote @JBee2020
  2. Lol do you enjoy being wrong?
  3. Scalzo

    NBA Thread

    MVP performance in game 5 eh?
  4. like the internet? or several major retailers?
  5. bro, the craft soda movement was and still is a thing - and theyre better than your big soda brands. you should drink what you enjoy, otherwise you are just drinking to get drunk/numb feelings. -
  6. Its all @bman's fault Also ill try that beer but im not expecting much. 6% ABV for a BA stout? interdasting
  7. Scalzo

    Film Discussion

    @@JAYHAWKS... the game is up. We know that McKeever is your sock account
  8. Scalzo

    Film Discussion

    that its the greatest movie of all time?
  9. Scalzo

    OT Thread of OT

    I dont even own an xbox but give me a week and ill borrow one. when and where is this going down???
  10. Scalzo

    Film Discussion

    The final scene is the best
  11. Scalzo

    NBA Thread

    they will to make it seem as if they didnt lose the Butler trade as bad as they did
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