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  1. GT Ineslta add for H1 or H2 or H3 customs United States,East Coast
  2. I'm looking to join a team as well!, i started playing halo competitively in 2007 and have been to a couple MLG events. - i can play everyday, basically all day - can play in online tourneys and certain events(College OP). - i communicate welll - i have a good BR -and i know how to high-five Twitter @tmgepsilon Skype: tmgepsilon GT: NightBan3
  3. my latency is exactly 78 ms which is the same for LoL too, i live on the East coast, and when i played destiny multiplayer i NEVER had any lag, rubberbanding, skipping, so i think the connection for halo MP will be good.
  4. GB user: Skategod1741 (don't judge me) GamerTag: Ineslta i want to play halo 2, halo 2 anniversary, halo 1, and halo 3 down to play both. I've been playing halo competitively for about 8 years, a good obj player,
  5. live in Marietta GT: ineslta
  6. I agree with Guardian being bad, don't get me wrong i don't HATE it but i don't like to play it 4v4s, its an amazing 2v2 map to me. It just feels like a clusterfuck at times in 8s and that's no bueno to me.
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