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  1. Hey peeps,


    I'm looking to join a squad or build one that will be competing at UGC STL and future events. I'm 26, from Florida, and, I work from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.


    I've been playing and LANing Halo since Halo: CE was released. I've been on a few teams before and understand it's more about being a good teammate than anything.


    Also, If you're just looking to game and play some CE or Halo 3, HMU.


    GT: MacTheStampede

  2. I'm sorry but this just reeks of elitism and forcing people to play shit that they don't want to play because you think it sucks.


    Team slayer is popular. We have to live with that. Forcing unpopular and not well thought out playlists on the community is what got us here. That will lead to underpopulation of the game overall.


    I would agree with not making it the number one playlist on the list. Getting people to scroll by the other lists might help them gain population. But it should stay in the game.

    I disagree, TS could easily be option number 1 in Social 4v4 and require a veto for Obj. Doing this gives each game a Team Slayer option with Team Skirmish Lite mixed in.


    Also, they just need to change Team Hardcore to Team Arena and call it a day. It's been done in Halo 5 it should be done in all other Halos as well.

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  3. That's a lot, I could get 1000/100 for that price.


    Edit: I should say with no data cap.

    Where tf do you live? This is baller internet for Florida. We got "grandfathered" into this plan as well, the same price now only gets you 100 down/10 up.


    I grew up in the sticks paying $45 a month for 3 down/ 1 up during my Halo 3 days....


    Edit: I shouldn't say Florida as a whole, just my local area.

  4. Yeah I liked both of the newer films and Rogue One. I don't understand the hate.  You mean there are women in the movies, people that do dumb shit actually get in trouble for it and The Force is actually interesting now?  I'm in.


    Also i still saw 6k people in HaloOnline yesterday.  Finding good games is still easy but yeah, "growth" at this point is probably not possible.


    Idk about you guys but I'm out here preaching the good word of Halo: Online

  5.  yeah that might help.  I just remember in reach rolling my eyes whenever i saw the jetpack and thinking "ca-caw ca-caw look at me i'm a fucking bird". It's not even that powerful when there is only one on the map at a time.


    The thing with all these power ups is that there is no problem with any of them existing per se.  I am sure the forge folks could (and have) come  up with some sweet shit using them.  I just don't like the idea of the devs feeling "obligated" to stick them everywhere.  You could have a million different ones as long as they are only used as map pickups when it makes sense but spamming them on maps or allowing them as base traits is horrid.

    Yea, I'm only talking about pick ups and i think they should be treated the same as OS/Camo only 1 per map and on a 2 min timer.


    Edit: always wanted to see a Vampire powerup, where damage you put out is shields you get back. Probably OP or too similar to OS but i always thought it would be cool.


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