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  1. GT: MacTheStampede 4v4 Scrims would like to start anywhere from 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm EST Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday hmu
  2. Yea, I see where your coming from but at the same time i feel like single elim finds you the best team and that's it, where double elim gives a solid idea of who the actual top 8 teams are and how they stack up against each other. It isn't a charity you're right. but it would still be a competition with a losers bracket. nobody is going to roll over and give up when the difference between 2 placings could be $100k+ Edit: Also increasing their chances at an accurate placing and prize pool for teams who dedicate such a huge amount of time to this game doesn't really seem like a bad thing to me.
  3. except for the fact that in march madness the team getting knocked out isn't missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. i understand the best team is going to win all the same. but at the same time their is real money on the line and the difference between 2 and 3/4th was a good chunk of cash at worlds. Perhaps even a life changing amount...... maybe?
  4. Xbox One Elite Controller. Buttons: Default Upper Left Paddle: Jump Upper Right Paddle: Thrust Sensitivity: 4 Acceleration: 2 Inner Deadzone: 0% Outer Deadzone: 10% No Vibration Claw for X & Y buttons
  5. For real. I was so hyped to see weekly tournaments and then realized i wouldn't get out of work until 30 minutes after they had started.

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