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  1. I think what I'm remembering is getting in first person POVs of enemy players back in halo 3, from what i remember it was either missing frames or was just super wonky in general
  2. he gut stuck in the bounce house, i swear he jumped like 2 or 3 times straight up in the air
  3. I feel like this has been a thing through multiple Halo titles, but i could be 100% wrong. i wonder what causes it. I'm watching the games right now and it almost seems that it varies from player to player. Possibly I'm imagining all that though. Edit: a word
  4. No idea, but i did notice that some of the objects on Plaza do block the outlines of players I like being able to see the opposing players service tag during engagements though so i know who is fighting who. Edit: i guess their name usually pops up anyway so it may be a little redundant.
  5. I wasn't sure if it was more than this, it was the only thing i noticed that was off about it. One thing i'd like to say is the player outlines make watching so much more enjoyable.
  6. Just curious, I keep seeing the spectator mode mentioned as being poor or hurting the game. I'd like to know what aspects are holding it back, and if this is compared to spectator modes form other games(which i know nothing about).
  7. GT MacTheStampede I'm from Central Florida, I'm a quiet person who wants to give competitive halo my best shot. HMU (shoot me a short message saying "TB" or something so i know what it is about) Pros Open minded. not a complainer lots of halo experience quick learner (learn from my mistakes instead of blaming them on others) Cons 9am - 6pm M-F job
  8. GT: MacTheStampede i can play from 7-10 est i fresh back to halo, but i'm positive i can compete at a high level i have an open mind, and I'm not one to play the blame game
  9. So, I'm watching the game, and i had an idea (probably read it here). What if the radar didn't show anything below full sprint speed. You would be able to make slick moves in close quarters, but you wouldn't be able to make high speed movements across the map without the other team becoming aware of it. it's kind of a nerf to sprint in a sense, i guess. Edit: Please turn outlines on. I want to see what moves these teams are making, and it's a high level view of Halo gameplay.
  10. Are tournaments going back to Saturdays after all this qualifier nonsense? Having a 9-6 job is first rounding me every time
  11. Does anyone play 2v2's anymore in this game or has it died off? Edit: im talking about Halo 5
  12. I had that same feeling as well, I think having a central power weapon and/or power up really speeds the pace up. People will get away and that is just the way the game is now, as a squad you have to find different angles to cut off those escape routes while still being able to help your teammate.
  13. I don't think doubles was ever the most populated playlist. more in the middle. I just think it is convenient when you can't get a full squad for arena you can always find at least 1 for doubles. Also with the changes to objective gametypes I'd like to see them come into the fold of competitive doubles gameplay, maybe add in Strongholds and CTF since you can shoot with the flag now. Keep things fresh instead of slayer central Also Stasis is an amazing 2v2 map.
  14. I know I am probably late on this discussion, but I'm going in anyways. Single elim would be great if these teams weren't being payed off of their placings. As much as everybody would love for these players to be playing just for the passion they have for the game it is just not the case. Money is a major factor in any sport and in Halo you have to place well to get any. Without double elim you get situations where a team that is second best gets eighth place money.
  15. Hey if you end up finding a partner me and my buddy are looking for people to practice 2v2's against. GT MacTheStampede hmu for 2v2 scrims
  16. If anybody wants to play doubles in custom games hit me up my GT is MacTheStampede. ApoK and me love playing doubles but we never have anyone to play against, and the TB tourneys are always during our work hours Edit: just send me a message saying TB 2v2 or something along those lines so i know what's good
  17. Except they already got payed weather they win or lose, not the case for esports.
  18. GTs: MacTheStampede; ApoKawockee We are looking for people who are trying to get better and down to watch film to analyze gameplay. Eastern time, we can be on around 8:30 pm Hmu
  19. there was one like 2 weeks ago i just want to know the gametypes/maps that were used Edit: nvm I found them in the completed tournaments section
  20. Isn't there a 1v1 tourney every 3 weeks or something? Edit: me and my friend like playing 1v1's and you guys are the only people who have tournaments for it. so we wanted to know the gametypes/maps ahead of time so we could practice abit

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