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  1. I found out while i was at work that you can move the viewmodel for your weapon through the settings and now i have serious FOMO.
  2. For people having trouble getting into games with their friends. Found on Reddit. "Your current best options seems to use the discord invite option (discord rich presence). once you or a friend is in the server switch over to discord and look for the file attachment button, it should have a green mark. click it and there will be an option to send a game invite. They click the invite and it will take them into the server." Make sure discord can see what you are playing. It will only work through the app not the website.
  3. Add me on discord to run some games. Discord: MacTheStampede#4673 Would love to get some 4s, 2s, or even FFAs going
  4. Can we get an H3 anniversary map pack please? Heretic, The Pit, Narrows, and Construct?!
  5. Your avatar is killing me. it's a Mike's face on a very proficient killah. IT'S TOO PERFECT
  6. Can the community get control of the competitive settings again? Please?
  7. What ever happened to everyone just starting in the champ bracket and playing from there?
  8. What i don't get is how we can have 1,000 weapons for WZ but, we can't have Arena specific weapons like a classic br/snipe with no magnetism.
  9. The initial survey is to join the HCFP, to get into the flighting program for MCC you will be emailed. Make sure you also join the Xbox Insiders program and then after that i would suggest reaching out to 343 to get your email
  10. Yea when you completely change the mechanics from one Halo to the next it probably just puts you back at ground zero when it comes to map making experience. There's nothing to build on.
  11. For real though. Dust 2 has been in counter-strike for some 100 years. Why do we have to lose out on solid maps every new halo game?
  12. Midship and warlock are the best team slayer maps in halo history change my mind.
  13. IF this works and fixes MCC could we get some classic halo tournaments from TB?
  14. Yea, does the announcer say distraction when you get the medal? i can't really remember. If so I think it's a little much. I don't mind the medal popping up though.
  15. damage taken/received would be sick. Just axe distractions, adding a column for it when it's so rare would be a waste. I meant in a general sense it's an assist, just because you didn't shoot them doesn't mean you didn't assist in the kill happening
  16. I'd like to see distractions count as assists in the post game report
  17. I know I'm like 40 pages behind on this but, I had a cool idea that builds off of this. You could set up a round based game where one team spawns in control positions like a set up for a flag pull. One person spawns on the flag and the rest are in power positions(p2,top mid, etc). The other team spawns in their car bubble or under their base and has to practice breakout strats. rotate on 2 min rounds or something like that. Edit: I was closer to the last page then i expected and now I'm sad.
  18. Head to Head baby. I lived by this with long range BR fights in the classic playlist.
  19. I mean these people basically dedicated their entire lives to doing those things. It's probably better to think of them as being paid as entertainers.
  20. First time i seen it i was running through cave towards the tower thinking to myself "this maps going to play weird without the grav lift thing" then i seen the button and was like "oh shit!" i lifted up and picked up spartan laser just to die with it because I didn't know that it took 15 minutes just to get one charge out of it I realized what you were saying after i had posted it but decided to let it ride just in case
  21. FYI you can open it. there is a switch i think in the same spot as halo 3. There is a also a switch for a grav lift at the base of the tower that turns the vent on
  22. if I had enough Xboxes and manpower i'd get on it. Unfortunately I don't because, I would love to see this fixed in H2V. Also, I asked about the spawn issue in the Project Cartographer discord and they acknowledged it and basically told me there was nothing that could be done about it for what ever it's worth.
  23. just my own experience here. It seems like in H2V you don't have any negative influence on the enemy teams spawns or, if you do it's only within a couple feet. So what ends up happening is, you get a kill cross map with the br and they end up spawning in your back pocket, or in the middle of library on Lockout when your team is all over br tower and library door.

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