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  1. Also forgot to list my mouse Razer DeathAdder 2013
  2. Yea, I think with a fuel meter it would stop it from being abused for super long periods of time like in halo reach. I'm thinking having it on a 2 min timer in a central location instead of it being a gimmie power up on each side of a map would make a world of difference as well.
  3. Not going to lie... I loved the jetpack in Halo Reach. I think give it a fuel meter and only allow for like 3 full "lifts" and you have a solid piece of equipment.
  4. 100% agree, if MCC wasn't broken to hell i would have loved to of seen a H3 Anniversary map pack or something
  5. The directional shield is where it's at. that along with the grav lift were 2 pieces of equipment I thought were actually pretty cool and could have been used in comp. if the power drain didn't have a radius of 100m it probably could have been a solid power weapon as well.
  6. This game is literally all I've wanted to play for the last few days and of course I'm busier than ever. What DPI/Sensitivity is everyone using? I'm curious to see. 1080p 13 Mouse Sensitivity 800 DPI Razer DeathAdder 2013
  7. I was on last night playing along with 7000 other people. It doesn't seem like it's going anywhere
  8. This is the kind of thinking i can get behind.
  9. The first double i got while using the mouse gave me the stupidest smile. Felt so right.
  10. Yea, I agree Halo is better without it but, i don't think it would be impossible to include it into maps without ruining them as long as the height at which you could clamber was lower. Also, remove the damn medal fro killing someone who is clambering, stupid af.
  11. I'd be alright with clamber if the maps ignored that clamber was a thing and, you could only clamber to ledges that are waist high. Basically it's just an "oh shit" save for missed jumps but, you're punished for being a noob.
  12. Yea, it would have been better if they were a weapon pick up. You would have to switch to them and people would be able to see you had it and not just pull it out of your back pocket.
  13. I thought stabilizers were cool. I never understood the hate on equipment in Halo 3, should have just treated them like power weapons
  14. I live a couple hours away. So, I may swing by over the weekend and check it out.
  15. Agreed doesn't feel terrible. I actually switch from controller to mouse because it felt so good. 4 shots on a mouse feel amazing.
  16. Holy shit, the comments on this tweet are eating away at my soul. People raging that Halo may come to PC..... What is wrong with people
  17. To be fair Halo 5 was one of the most advertised games I've ever seen and Halo: Online had no advertising except twenty thousand people watching a stream.
  18. Just so you know hit registration has been basically fixed with Halo 2 Project Cartographer
  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/wiki/index/fmmintro compatible mods are listed in the mod manager. basically download it. throw it into the eldewrito folder with the exe. run it. select your mods you want. download them then apply them. ??? Profit
  20. Anything is better than the halo 4 models imo. I can't wait to get home and mess with the view editor
  21. Idk if it's just me but Halo: Online doesn't really feel all that much like Halo 3. Maybe it's the BR?
  22. I agree the BR is extremely crisp. I haven't had any issues with the sniper so far but my play time has been a bit limited.

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