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  1. so much talent on these lists. Halo was so inspirational and influential to where we are today in gaming.
  2. since Austin started living with me I have spent less time posting for sure. But I am always lurking about.
  3. They are good enough friends and teamed together enough that they can jest like that they are pretty funny.
  4. I don't put to much stock into the Autos thing most of the top players were playing before they were even a thing. Optic sure as heck don't need them. And I dont know how much of a factor Snakebite being sick was (Kudos to him) he certainly played well and Royal 2 holy wow. But NV swept the hot Liquid squad in LB and and then went warrior for 14 games they deserve the win. Great job guys. I do agree they need to string some 1st place tourneys together - so get on that boys. Proud of ya.
  5. Ha you should see Mikwens Brother Rage on Destiny makes Mikwen look like an am rager.
  6. I would put Optic at the top of any list of the greatest teams every formed. As far as dropping players if NV would have dropped Mikwen when he was in a slump it would have been a huge mistake same goes for ola, my feeling (and I have no inside information) is that they will stick with their team and continue to work hard the skill is there. I don't believe any of them have hit their ceiling. They had a dilemma going into worlds, Liquid. They have had trouble dealing with Liquids hyper aggressive play style so they changed it up not wanting to settle for 3rd or 4th (again these are just my opinions). It looked to me when it came time to change back to the more methodical play that matches up well against optic they were already going 150mph.
  7. This one? I don't do many predictions but I will say this Mikwen will be an MVP candidate at worlds not just for himself but for Eric, Justin, Huke , Marcus and Hastr0 and yes that is a Joe Namath guarantee.
  8. He's been working harder than I have ever seen him work in the 10 years I have been watching him play. He's not going down without a fight. Props to all the guys on NV I am truly excited for tomorrow. lol drop Mikwen...that made me belly laugh.
  9. no they aren't but they did beat optic at the finals event. And they had won the previous one in Vegas. So in addition they won the online league.
  10. yeah they've won 2 events fall finals and the fall season , and the only team who has beaten optic at an event I think they will be ok
  11. That "tilt" is real. but Austin and Eric play on pure emotion and passion while it can be a weakness I also believe it to be their greatest strength , this is the team that came back through LB and won 2 bo7's against Liquid and Optic respectively including the fall Finals so the team does at times seem a bit Bi-Polar hell they went to game 5 against an am team on a side station and got a whoopin by Liquid in WB when they won the last event that was in Vegas, they got beat 4-0 by optic pretty handily and came back through LB to win it all at fall finals. All with 2 guys that failed to qualify for worlds last year what they have accomplished this year is stunning I don't think its a matter of can't break to2 its a matter of will they. I don't do many predictions but I will say this Mikwen will be an MVP candidate at worlds not just for himself but for Eric, Justin, Huke , Marcus and Hastr0 and yes that is a Joe Namath guarantee. It seems odd to say but the way the chemistry works for the teams at the top NV is more likely to get 1st or 3rd than 2nd if Liquid is at the top of their game. I think Optic matches up very favorably to Liquid and less favorably (no disrespect here I just think nV plays them tougher than Liquid) to NV. Its all on NV to make the necessary adjustments to get thru Liquid to Optic and bring home the W
  12. Liquid has always been a tough matchup for NV . Not making excuses but My son just had the worst 2 weeks of his life and really bounced back in the last few days he has literally been through one of the most painful things a person can endure so no we didn't see the "Peaked" Envy this weekend but its on them to get back into T1 form in the next few weeks. I am certain they are up to the task. Alot of it is how things shake out, like I said Liquids playstyle matches up unfavorably for NV, NV might beat Optic 4-3 and lose to Liquid 4-3 or vice versa or beat them both 4-3 or lose 4-0 in wbr and come back and win 2 best of 7's in champ to stun everyone yet again. Optic, Liquid and NV are all amazing teams but anyone that looks at the guys on NV and counts them out of anything ..those guys are warriors when they are in a corner and everything is on the line and they will play their best Halo yet at Worlds I am calling it. After what I just went through with Austin and seeing him fighting for all that he loved and to hurt so badly that playing a video game was the last thing he wanted to do, his teammates were amazing and supportive Eric is one helluva a guy and I am as impressed with his support and understanding of Austin as I am his Halo skill. Ola and Huke were standing with him too and it meant the world to him. The fact that they went to Vegas and played as well as they did is a testament to their raw skill, But no we haven't seen the best Halo this NV squad can play but we WILL at Worlds. I am pretty certain Optic and Liquid will be ready as well and it will be one kickass event. Pick your favs, share your opinions but a word to the wise...don't count out those boys in blue...not by a longshot.
  13. Hey bud, seeing one of our own up there was awesome, made a papa proud.
  14. PapaMikwen possibly PapaSpartan T02 looking for 2 for Worlds.
  15. As an already embedded Halo fan I loved the Reach Campaign and ODST (Buck FTW) as well, best ending ever. However that iteration of gamers that would have been introduced to chief at those releases were not so there was a price to pay a couple of years down the road which the franchise did.
  16. Just an old gamers opinion....Master Chief is Halo, they can't stop telling his story. That would be like Amazing Spiderman Comics not featuring spiderman. These attempts with Reach, ODST, Locke to get away from Chief just baffle me. They just need to get back to the basics of Master Chief and Cortana simply saving humanity, it will never get old to us. I love the campaign, I love warzone, and obviously I am a huge fan of the MP. But they have to get back in the space that kids growing up want to be Master Chief (thus more ppl in MP) Don't over complicate it (what they did with Cortana, Locke) and bring back the damn flood we love zombies.
  17. There is a solution for No Radar at least on Lan...its called Duct Tape.
  18. NV won the Pro League, including sweeping Optic. Won the last two tournaments including beating optic in 2 out of 3 bo7's on Lan in the Season Championship Finals , honestly what more could they have accomplished this season? They are the best team in Halo right now, and thats the team they will want going into worlds.
  19. My son has worked so hard, been thru so many ups and downs my only wish was that one day he would win the Championship, today that wish came true. Amazing Amazing day of Halo and so proud of Austin and Team NV.
  20. Both my sons say the same thing. Austin hadn't played crucible since vanilla beta 2-3 years ago?, his brother didn't have a partner for Trials so he hopped on joined him and went flawless without any effort and no shotguns on their team. His little brother warms up in Halo before he plays anything serious in Destiny.
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