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  1. I can see EG getting much better and Str8 Rippin getting better and maybe Splyce either not getting better or getting a little worse from this possibly.
  2. I expect that that might happen, in which case, fuck that I'm not wasting 4 years waiting. I just hope that it happens so that in 4 years I can enjoy watching my favorite players play a game that I enjoy watching and we all enjoy playing.
  3. Hmm?? I have started one thread this year I think :/ I don't want to lay off though, I want us to literally create a huge public backlash so that we can get what CoD got, which is going back to Classic Halo as they went back to Classic CoD.
  4. I made a new thread, talking about this precisely, not trying to hijack or anything, I just wanted to outline a lot of things that were once obvious to us, but have been lost in the ether of this feedback loop that isn't changing anything. We need more youtube videos and tweets generating as large as numbers as we can manage being made and shared if we want 343 to actually care. CoD had to make 1000s of videos like this criticizing the game before the game changed back and they had about 1000 times more viewers.
  5. I really don't know how to voice this, I'm most likely going to fuck it up, but hear me out anyway because I think this is really important. There are 2 main issues I want to cover and I'll just go straight into them. Issue 1: The current big debate is radar vs no radar and there are some really strong arguments for why Halo 5 may operate better with radar and this is precisely the problem, if they create a game where people are literally flying then they need to balance that in some ways. One way is how you don't gain shields until you have stopped sprinting for a while, another way is with radar so people know where you are going, now if we complain about that then they will try to add a fix to that eventually. They will tinker with it and whatever solution they come up with will bring it's own problems. Another example is the power weapons, Rockets are the most stupidly overpowered things I have seen in this game (normal rockets), but they achieve a very similar effect to how it was in previous Halo's. Someone with rockets sees you below them, you thrust really far away from the rockets and you still die because they are stupid strong. In any other Halo someone with rockets sees you below them you jump as they shoot you with rockets and you don't complain because the rockets aren't stupid strong you were in a stupid position. It achieves the same effect in that particular situation more or less, but in situations where you shouldn't die to a rocket, but you do because they are stupid strong, you now have to find a balancing mechanism, like using less effective rockets which now results in you easily losing battles when you have rockets because someone has the ability to jump and thrust away even though you have the most powerful gun in the game, you can still die like a schmuck because the person has the ability to change course mid air. Take the sniper, the sniper in Halo 3 would never ever work in Halo 5, no matter how much more satisfying it is to use, it would never work because people are FUCKING flying and moving so fast the gun now needs to have 10 times more auto aim/magnestism/whatever it's called. So if you hit a snipe on a guy who thrusted mid-air in a battle with you it is satisfying, but hitting a regular snipe (95% of the snipes all players hit) is now devoid of all meaning and satisfaction. So they will try to tinker with that too and it will cause other problems in balance or whatever. My point is, the only way Halo can be completely balanced is if we have a game that is completely Halo, not half-Halo half-Titanfall, but 100% Halo which means yes, 100% classic Halo, I am thinking of something that feels like a mix of Halo 2, 3, Reach NBNS and H2A (movement-wise). Now that I have established that a half-measure will not work, I'd like us to now proceed to my second point of how to convince 343 to do that, notice how I am past the stage of convincing them that that will work, Halo's 1-3 worked, everything after didn't, they fixed Reach to make it NBNS it then worked, they added back Sprint in Halo 4, it didn't work, they took it away in H2a, it did work, they added it back in Halo 5 with more balancing and a bunch of other stupid shit, it doesn't work, some things need balancing, tinkering and changes all of which will lead to other problems we will complain about in Halo 6 that we know for a fact WAS NOT AN ISSUE IN HALO'S 1-3. People talk about how it's never been better to be a pro Halo player, that may be true, but it's irrelevant, imagine how high the prize pool for a HWC req pack funded event would have been in 2008 Halo 3 if that game had weapon skins? Just fucking imagine. We would see a prize pool of over 5 million guaranteed. Issue 2: If there is one thing I have gathered from 343, is that they will not change their opinion 100% if we don't use every single platform known to man to convince them. I hate 343, I really, really do, but I am reasonable enough to assume that they probably operate similarly to how any other huge ass AAA company does. Which leads me to my next point, what is the difference between Halo and CoD that made the CoD developers decide to roll back from all the flying bullshit they came out with in the PAST 3 TITLES. People will say loads of things, Battlefield did it first then they copied them or whatever other reason. I sincerely believe, it was a colossal community backlash that did it. Dozens of youtubers with millions of subscribers each, complained at the release date, then they did that, for 3 games straight. With it hitting a peak in what I can only describe as the Halo 4 of CoD. Unfortunately, we don't have 2 things that they do that helped them: 1. A colossal social media presence 2. The million something (I estimate there is about 50000 active Halo 5 players, people will say more, I honestly believe there is less than that, but even if it was 100000 players soon.) motherfucking players we lost that we can guarantee a huge subset of which wanted classic Halo and that is their reason for quitting in Reach and Halo 4. They don't answer polls and the saddest thing is that we can get them back onto MP easily because we know a huge portion of them are still buying the game, finishing the campaign, playing multiplayer for a month and then quitting. They themselves may not even know what the problem is, but 100000s of them would agree that they were hooked on Halo 2 and Halo 3 multiplayer. We know for a fact none of them were hooked on Halo multiplayer in Halo 4 or Halo 5. Having said that we don't have those 2 above things, we now need to take advantage of the things we do have, we luckily have a decent number of players who have 10000s of followers on twitter, if Formal or Enable retweeted a single tweet we would have 100000s of more listeners right there in the CoD community, which a sizeable portion of people have played Halo back in the day or would just hit like on the retweet just because it's Formal. The number 1 priority needs to be to stop holding back, every single issue we have, needs to be voiced publicly on twitter. Pros need to start talking about this as a whole, every single last one of you pros need to talk about it publicly until something changes, because otherwise nothing will change and your game wont be as big or will die off earlier than it needs to. This idea that you privately telling them what you want will change anything is bullshit. The only reason pros have shut up is because of the prize money being back. This money, is not coming out of a single employee at 343's fucking pocket, stop being silent, criticize every single thing you disagree with in Halo until it is back to a game as enjoyable and competitive as it once fucking was. Every single player on the Pro team said before they joined 343 that they hope we would get no sprint in the next Halo, they also advocated for us to be more patient and less critical of them which is why THEY LANDED THE MOTHERFUCKING JOB FFS. THINK ABOUT IT, DERSKY, GHOSTAYAME, STRONGSIDE, etc. Why do you think Gandhi isn't working at 343?! If you want Halo to be back to where it was, you need to be part of a colossal public backlash that was enough to cause Activision to roll back on CoD. Finally, I just wanted to say that this is probably the worst thing I have ever written in terms of it's presentation, organization, how eloquent it is, but I just wanted to get if off my chest because I hate this game and know for a fact that what we are doing now isn't working in terms of the direction of the game and the community's way of trying to change that direction.
  6. I agree 100%, but Halo 5 also has the factor of a lot of non addictive shooting being forced upon us, like all the fucking automatics and also consider how much less addictive some types of shooting are when you consider how much less skillful sniping is now than it used to be.
  7. Vanilla Reach though, NBNS Reach is better than H2A which is way better than H5. They have killed Halo while maintaining just enough of a player base to not call it a complete failure and be able to blame competition from CoD and PC shooters on why the population is 20 times smaller than what it was in Halo 3 to their bosses. Also maintaining a competitive scene solely through ridiculous prize money is the key to longevity, I am just waiting for this bitch to crash and burn. I hope we get H3A (we wont), so that they can see the explosion in a population that wants actual Halo, not this titanfall bullshit.
  8. One thing that is certain is that whatever we say here can only be implemented in the development of the next game, not the upcoming one. They have had their chances with this new approach, we want out.
  9. I disagree with this idea that somehow Halo has to reinvent thr wheel in order for it to compete with other games, look at CS GO staying 90% true to roots, some guns are a little overpowered, but the game overall is thriving in it's simplicity on maps that are older than the xbox itself. CoD is finally realizing that it has to go back to save itself after 3 years of complaining about everyone flying across the maps. We have been complaining about that for 7 years now. I think our best bet is that Halo 7 will go back to roots, otherwise we will always have a ceiling above our heads on how big we can get.
  10. Reason anything is where it is now is because of bad Halo games and we all know it
  11. Yeah I mean as if expecting them being able to adjust the game without it literally crashing and burning is something we can't do from a regular below average team of developers never mind the developers for a billion dollar franchise kay kay kay How #Entitled of us
  12. The tragic thing is, I really believe that it is solely due to population issues. When population wasn't an issue, we didn't have this or many other problems. People here expect everything to be back to how it was in MLG 2010 (with more prize money) and some even think that if we got all of that we would then have a population that matched back then. No, if we had the population from back then we would have all the other things naturally, but we can't have that because Halo 5 is a let's make all these game breaking gimmicks "work" in a Halo game. I think the only hope for Halo is to make the CS GO of Halo. People think "that's a PC game they have an advantage." I played CS before I played Halo, CS Source was basically boycotted by a huge population of players. The franchise didn't actually make a come back until a few years into the life span of CS GO. Anyway I went on a rant, my point is that people need to focus on population so that we can get everything else, not the other way around and the only way to get population back is through getting a good Halo game.
  13. Snakebite is literally the most respectful out of the completely honest and transparent professional players we have had and ever will have. The people who criticise anyone but the developer for Halo being in the state it's in make a piece of me want a distant asteroid to hurl itself into Earth. It is the most intellectually dishonest and disingenuous absurdity someone could say about Halo over the past 6 years. The fact that someone like Snakebite felt the need to take the time to explain something so banal to someone like you who wrote something that absurd infuriates and troubles me deeply.
  14. I hope that isn't the case, because then we are fucked. The only thing I can think of that would lead me to believe that this isn't the case is that not a single person so far, myself included, has complained about this on LAN.
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