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  1. Looks to much like kill streaks that would encourage camping. I wouldn't mind if it worked with the same way ordinance worked(in that gameplay objectives help as much as kills), but instead of choosing gun you get to activate one of the modification you mentioned. I would rather not have it in the game, but your defiantly right, much better way to implement it in the game than to have load outs. and This is going back to the core slightly by lessening the effect of these modifications that are currently in place
  2. I was hoping that legendary slayer was Throwdown, but with: more disc maps like solace No sprint Only slayer, no objective The main problem with throwdown is sprint, and that casuals like me get crushed in it. Hopefully this playlist can attract a sizable amount of players (~1500) and have a varied skill range
  3. It should be no sprint in Team Throwdown. All the fans that like classic halo have mostly left because of no sprint, so putting in no sprint now will scare off the reach and halo 4 kids who populate the other playlists. As for sprint bringing back the old players, i think 343 needs to make much more of these small changes. No sprint will be a good test to see if people play Team Throwdown for it, and if it can save halo's falling numbers
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