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  1. Pistola definitely let the nerves hit him a bit, but I don't know what I would have done in his situation so idk. They both made some mistakes. (there was one challanged at the 3-3 mark where ace was down two shots but still challenged and died. He could have easily doubled back- he was at blue dmr and ola was at benches).
  2. similar to how ghandi's team got hotel room number 11111 right before beating final boss?
  3. haha I'm just joking man, good job on recording it just in case 343 doesn't release it.
  4. I'm super happy that Ace won!!!!! I was in the party with his younger brother at the time- and he brought up the astute point that now two Elam brothers won the big freefor all events with the most prize money. Totally unexpected, but I'm very happy tonight, we can't believe it. (That roar in the interview was hilarious.)
  5. pistola, legit, formal, enable final 4 prediction
  6. gandhi called: pistola formal enable legit str8 sick gandhi did not call: cloud lil talent ace gandhi miscalled: strongside (so did everyone) ninja/mikwin (although he said he wouldn't be surprised if they didn't make it) neighbor (once again he wasn't too surprised.) He predicted to miss 3 calls due to the random nature of FFAs. Not too bad. I wont' bother mentioning my bracket out of shame. :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi: :gandhi:
  7. Honestly another big deal that I don't think people are mentioning is that back starting with cod MW and cod MW2, those games had bigger numbers than halo and were drawing in much of the young people. I was in high school at the time and I remember how *everyone* was playing Cod. It was just/is just the thing that was popular, and I think now that the halo generation is, on average, getting older without drawing in many new faces (since most kids would rather play COD with their friends now) its population will continue to suffer. Even if the game got "good" again.
  8. Sunday will be good- they didn't really try to produce well for friday and saturday, but sunday will be great.
  9. Well he already said that he's def going to agl 10.
  10. So who are these from left to right? lil talent??? IGotUrPistola Formal Enable Cloud? Str8 Sick Legit Ace ??? I think I might have mixed upu cloud and lil talent.
  11. none of what you said made any sense at all. You clearly do not understand the issues. Get better at the game of halo (get a 50 CSR at the very least in some playlist) and then come back and we'll talk more about this. I have found it impossible in the past to explain things to noobs because they have no theoretical grasp on the gameplay mechanics of halo, but if you improve than I will happily have this discussion. Out of curiosity, what is your hightest rank in halo 2/3/ or halo 4?
  12. Not everyone is a forum warrior like us. He probably gets on once a week or so read all the replies, and unless he needs to make a comment he won't. There's been studies, at least on reddit, and only like 10% of people who read reddit ever make an account, and only 10% of those people will contribute in the form of more than just 1 comment or link post. Besides we all saw him at GC so it's not like he isn't doing anything this weekend.
  13. I think people are severely undervaluing what no descope does to a sniper. It makes it to where you cannot challenge a sniper at range. At all- assuming they are competent. Snipers in competitive halo 4 put up numbers that people wouldn't dream about in halo 3. yes, if there *was* descope then reach and halo 2 would undoubtedly be easier than halo 4 to snipe in- but that's not the case. Halo 4 is easiest- which is one of the primary reasons that we want descope back.
  14. I want pistola to win too simply because of what it will mean for halo. It will mean that free for alls/ 1v1s really aren't random and that there really is an incredible skill gap in the game of halo even if doesn't seem like there's much room to improve for players like legit.
  15. I would like your troll account more if it didn't give it away with the profile pic. As you'll notice on this post and on one of mine that I posted in a different thread- BxSoulja downvotes anything with the word "Suddoth" in it regardless of whether or not it was a joke.
  16. why wouldn't it be? Theoretically grifball could be legit- but online it really suffers since whoever is host will just win 75% of his battles.
  17. I love how this tournament system is the most convoluted mess with absolutely no explanation-- just tidbits here and there.
  18. it's possible that they are running on different internets.
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