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  1. The correct answer is not quite sure until more info is released on later tournaments/halo 5.
  2. He got banned because he -snip- *edited by aPK
  3. Wow. You really are incapable of understanding this aren't you? I do not want to see any remake of a halo map in halo 5. Why? - you may ask. Could you elaborate? - you make ask. The reason being is that if halo 5 has sprint than the maps won't play right. They will not play the same, they will play completely randomly and utterly terrible. You would be able to sprint away from situations that you normally shouldn't, and the maps would be way too small. As you can see (hopefully. I'm pretty disappointed that you were incapable of understanding this rather simple point earlier) sprint is relevant to the discussion, and should be brought up because sprint and maps go hand in hand. You may have noticed that the *maps* in halo 4 are bigger than previous halos. Why? Because of *sprint*. The two features of intertwined. You cannot separate one from the other. So no, what you are saying is completely stupid. It's like asking about whether you like to eat spaghetti but then trying to stifle any conversation about fiber because "fiber is off-topic." Well, no, actually fiber and spaghetti are two closely related things and if someone can't eat a lot of fiber than obviously that will affect how much spaghetti they eat. Hopefully since I used a simple analogy this time it will make the logic a little clearer for you.
  4. I completely disagree with you. Change is fine. Change for the worse is not. Halo 4 continued down a path of lowering the skill gap and adding randomness to the game. That is not "evolution." I do not want halo to become more random- that is the antithesis of competitive halo. You want to lower randomness as much as possible so that it is more like chess rather than poker. Additions *can* be made to the game that do not bring in inherent randomness. Take AAs for example: If 343 decides to make them central map pickups as opposed to letting people start off with them, and doesn't pollute the map with so many that there is enough for everyone and his brother and they are impossible to keep track off- than that would be fine. Stuff like random ordnance and flinch though- that is not fine.
  5. Regen field encourages static gameplay- do not want. Evade is OP compared to thrusterpack.
  6. There is nothing more to say on the matter. why not discuss drinking and driving here? It's relevant. (repercussions from drinking underage- driving as an analogy, etc.)
  7. I just dislike that people assume that if you drink it must mean that you get blackout drunk. Perhaps there should just be laws against getting drunk underage?
  8. Would rather just have a v5 sooner and then a v6 before november. Why wait?
  9. For the record I agree with samyboy. Dispatch isn't inherently broken, it's just so damn basic. And there is nothing exiting about the sniper triple kills/exterms on dispatch seeing as it takes so little skill to snipe on that map. There is nothing interesting about that map besides maybe ring 3. Better exists, and dispatch is the worst of the 3 arena forge maps.
  10. Person A dislikes q. Therefore, person A must be bad at q. Q.E.D. :ninja:
  11. Yeah it certainly seemed like a good remake when I played it. Maybe I'm missing out on some crucial detail like the spawns? Idk
  12. I completely disagree. It is very possible to drink, as well as drive responsibly. Even for teenagers. (not at the same time of course lol). Being older doesn't suddenly make you more responsible either. It's a maturity issue. Source: Myself I do believe that it should be harder to get a driver's license though, and there should be much stricter punishment for texting while driving (if you do this go fuck yourself). I wouldn't mind if the driving age were increased to 18 though, and the drinking age should for sure be lowered to 18 since I mean, you can go to war at that age. People go off to college at that age. Drinking underage is something that the vast majority of the population does- i don't really know why it's still illegal to drink at the age of 20.
  13. I've told you this before; it shouldn't need to be stated again. You cannot simply compare maps from 2 different games in a bubble. The gameplay- especially sprint and the primary utility weapon- drastically affect how a particular map is played. Guardian with sprint would fundamentally be different than halo 3 Guardian. The maps don't exist in a vacuum that is separate from gameplay, and bringing up sprint is very relevant and an important point. This should not be difficult to understand.
  14. can someone quickly tell me why blackout was a bad remake? ( I didn't play it much at all)
  15. It's not esports, it's professional gaming. :gandhi:
  16. Yeah I completely disagree. Gandhi and Maven are amazing at casting and certainly bring more intelligent/insider points to the table. I think Goldenboy can be good but one criticism I have is that he simply repeated the same stuff over and over a lot of times. Also I couldn't help but laugh out loud when he mentioned "You know I've been thinking and I just realized that neither player [ace nor pistola] is going to pick up that concussion rifle because then the other person will know where they are!" I'm like, didya just figure that one out?
  17. Halo 4 has many unfortunate characteristics.
  18. shutout is far worse than blackout. I like how solace looks, but both bases are different (which was stupid since the map is almost symmetrical), and the basement part of it is kind of dumb. Adrift- can't stand how small the hallways are. Same goes for station 9. I really don't like Dispatch either. complex should have never made it through planning stages. All of BTB sucks ass. Previous halos: all of halo reach except for possibly zealot. epitaph, sword base, isolation (no it never could have been good).
  19. Opposite for me, I was rooting for Ace the entire time and absolutely could not believe it when he got to the finals- let alone won.
  20. lol I know it was a joke I was just posting my opinions on the matter. The person right below you said the same thing that you said in your post but seriously, and most people here believe that pistola made a terrible play. I just disagree with them and happened to chose your post to reply to.
  21. pay for 4 years of college at a respectable yet expensive university.
  22. I don't even think it was a guaranteed win if he didn't drop honestly. There was a full 30 seconds left on the clock- plenty of time for ace to get 1 kill. I mean, he knew where pistola was. Pistola was up in the battle- he had the cr and he had height advantage, but unfortunately for him ace got launched 15 feet up in the air and he missed a shot. I really don't think the decision to challenge was as big a choke as people make it out to be.
  23. haha did you see my comment? pretty awesome sig.
  24. Too be fair that was one of the best moments in the hole tournament. No not the final finish (yes that was amazing), I'm talking right before, when ace decided to get the cr instead of chasing ola.
  25. And nobody who was informed on the issue is surprised.
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