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  1. You keep ignoring the fact that it is only a single jetpack that both teams must fight over and goes away with the death of the person who picked it up. It really isn't as bad as you are making it out to be, and once again- the benefits of winning something like rockets far outweighs the benefits of picking up jetpack, so clearly it isn't too OP as a central map pickup. Otherwise you would be asking to ban rockets as well. If you had the opportunity to choose between rockets or jetpack on abandon which would you choose? (knowing that the jetpack goes away with your first death). And if you lose the jetpack to the other team- then all what you described above is simply your punishment. I could describe a similar thing for the powerup invise. "yeah, but with all the other powerweapons and powerups you can still be seen easily by another person if you pass into their field of view. Invis would break map movement."
  2. You are right, and I knew this as well. I think I just typed "mechanical engineering" by force of habit. :P Right, I'm specifically speaking about Halo here and other less-intensive games.
  3. The rockets in h4 guarantee you at least 2 kills- many times 3. A single jetpack pick up may net you a kill if you use it well, and 2 if you are lucky on a particular life. Many times you won't get a kill at all with it but will just be shot down as soon as you give away your position with its loud noise and start to use it for anything other than slight elevations. My point stands, rockets are more powerful than jetpack. If you had the option to choose between a rocket and a jetpack... I mean I shouldn't even need to say this.
  4. Yes. If you play 10,000 hours you will probably have played more halo than anyone else and I don't care how dumb you are you probably will have figured out all the nooks and crannies by that point anyway just from sheer practice time. 10,000 hours is a ridiculous amount of time. In other words, you need much less than 10,000 hours to be a pro.- and a willingness to learn/constantly improve. When I say much less than 10,000 hours, I mean that many pros have spent less than 5000.
  5. I mean, some players (especially in halo) can certainly game and get an education at the same time. Ace, after taxes, certainly made upwards of $100,000 from gaming last year (i know he is the only one though) But the thing to take away is that he was also in school and is majoring in chemical engineering. It is possible for bright people to balance the two and make money from gaming as well. In other words I hold the opinion that pro gaming is fine- just stay in school as well. Many halo pros have done this.
  6. Yeah, you aren't going to completely break map control with a single jetpack on a 60s timer. It should be in a fightable location and if you let the other team capture the "powerup" then you deserved to be punished for it. Just like how every other powerup/powerweapon in the game works. Jetpack is fffaaaaarrr less op than say rockets so once again I don't see what the big deal is in making it a "powerup" to be fought over. I mean that same argument can be used for just about any powerup/powerweapon in halo history. Invis? Nah, why should be allow someone to be like "invis is up. guess I can lift up now and break up their setup at lobby." The point is the other team is supposed to prevent them from getting it- and one dude jetpacking can be easily countered.
  7. First off, 1-plot extraction is distinctly different than king of the hill in that 1. It once you arm/convert a point you gain points no matter how far away you are from it. 2. Even if you are standing on the extraction point you will not gain points unless you stop moving in order to convert it. Secondly, the glitch in koth in halo 4 *does no add more depth* because the glitch is *random*. It works sometimes, whereas other times it does not. It is not a consistent glitch.
  8. I disagree about the jumping part. I would much rather have responsive jumping in halo c.e. as opposed to lagged jumping.
  9. It's funny because if anything it's the spartans in halo 3 that are cartoony and the ones in halo reach / halo 4 have attempted realism. And halo 3 is superior. And can we all just hold hands and say no to destructable environments in halo? This is not fucking battlefield. Making the maps and structures destroyable would fundamentally alter how the game plays (for the worst imo). Halo is about consistancy and knowing the maps well. Not being able to break through walls. Not to mention 4v4 halo maps are *waaaay* to small for destructable environments. Do you know how much bigger battlefield maps are? Imagine if narrows was destructable... it would be just terrible.
  10. They both have their merits and differences. I say both for now.
  11. I personally didn't notice the nade bounces at top mid on guardian because most of the time if someone was top mid I would shoot at them with my team instead of trying to nade them. I use nades more for around corridors and such- not in wide open areas where people are easy to teamshoot.
  12. And just like that, some asshole ruined it and voted for armor lock. I personally cannot stand trolls on the internet.
  13. exactly. Guardian had great nade-bounce surfaces. You all are thinking of that one bounce from S1 to S2- I know you are.
  14. Actually that's the perineum. Snowbound was that lice-infected wig that men used to wear in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  15. I completely disagree. The opposite is the case. Halo 3 had an art style that looked like a fantasy sci-fi. It looked amazing. Starting with halo reach the art style became more realistic with drab grey and brown coloring everywhere and even the spartan models had wear and tear and peeled paint on them. That made it look more like CoD. The maps had more random clutter starting with reach- which once again makes it look more "realistic", but in my opinion even worse. I would prefer the halo 3 art style where for the most part random clutter was avoided from the playing area and it was more simple to look at on the eyes. Also the spartans don't look like they have a million bumps growing off of them at weird angles. Simpler is better when it comes to art style in halo. Your ideas would push halo more towards the realism spectrum that games like battlefield and cod have, and away from the sci-fi style of halo 3. I want to be wowed by the visuals- not look like I'm walking around in an abandoned warehouse whose walls are crumbling from the rust.
  16. "People like you" as in "people who get offended easily over inconsequential remarks." He was referring to how a lot of latinos put spinning rims on their cars. It was just a joke. Just because a joke has a racial word in it doesn't mean that it must automatically be an insensitive or insulting joke.
  17. I really disagree about his "slip up" with hispanics and cars. That was not a slip up at all, people like you are just eager to create controversy over harmless jokes. You are right, I worded that weirdly. I meant to say that he can be better.
  18. Yeah absolutely, I just though the way you phrased it with "I've been thinking" was funny is all. Also, I'm happy that you can take and respond to criticism. I understand that it is especially difficult to do so with casting (and I feel like a jerk that you even saw my comment) since when someone criticizes commentating it is often a very personal thing. This is opposed to say, criticizing gameplay because that is much less personal than explaining for example why you don't like someone's voice. In other words I could not do your job (even if I had a personality ).
  19. thrusterpack is still less OP than evade with one roll. Also I never said that you said that regen could be used for competitive play. I was just stating my opinion on the AA.
  20. Station 9 does not focus more on teamwork than the other maps. This is an illusion created by the simplistic and linear nature of the map. It's just that on station 9 you *are forced* to work as a team even against scrubs because the map is nothing but tight corridors and is by far the easiest map to master in the game. Teamshooting still exists on other maps y'know. You just might not be forced to teamshoot on abandon as often in matchmaking because the skill gap is so much higher on that map. Also, I really don't see how haven ricochet could work. I'm definitely in favor of skyline over it.
  21. I'm ok if it still comes out in september. I just didn't want a november release. Taking time to test ricochet more makes sense to me.
  22. they just need to adapt magne. How about instead of posting lame arguments like that all the time, attacking the people, why don't you actually argue about why sprint is good for halo. You've previously ignored my arguments as to why it is bad, and no doubt you've done the same here. You refuse to listen to others who understand the game better than you. As for the topic, No. Sprint absolutely needs to be removed. It destroys maps- since maps now have to be made much bigger (which btw keeps things the same pace. "faster gameplay" is only an illusion. If anything gameplay is slower with sprint since people can run away much easier.) Also, simply since I do not want to have to reformat the links into this forum, you can view my response against sprint HERE. In games like CoD sprint can work since the killtimes are so quick, and in Gears it works since the base movement speed is reeeealllly slow and gears is a cover shooter. Halo is not these games, and for the arena shooter that it is sprint brings with it numerous drawbacks that no sprint simply does not have. Like honestly, what is the drawback of nobody having sprint on gameplay? More consistency in your engagements? The ability to shoot someone as they run away from you and you are running at them? Players having movement that is actually somewhat predictable and counterrable? Punishing death more by simply not letting players sprint vast distances off the respawn?
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