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  1. Halo reach had the worst art style in the series by far.
  2. Reach's sprint is better because you can take it off so that you can play halo.
  3. Let me rephrase- longer killtimes is good so that it matters less who sees who first, and gameplay tends to be more dynamic/ less camping based. One of the great things about halo is the ability to turn on people.
  4. good. a 1.5 s killtime/ around that is what I want. It forces engagements of skill and consistancy rather than just twitch. All what he was saying is that this is a competitive spectator benefit that halo has over call of duty. It is easier to recognize sick plays in halo and the skill required since the killtimes are longer. He was not calling dante's inferno gay- he was just saying that it is gay to have a picture of dante as your twitter picture. He would probably say the same if it was a picture of marcus fenix or any other non-halo video game character. It is a faux pas to have your twitter/facebook/etc. picture be a picture of a videogame character instead of a picture of you. Stop asking questions just to ask questions. You tend to do this a lot and you already know what gameplay changes need to be made. That is a different topic entirely and belongs in other threads (where you have seen it many times before).
  5. That's not what he said at all. He said that for halo 4 that was the case, that they really wanted spec mode but due to time constraints they could not implement it. And he also said that that's one of the main things they will want in the future since they didn't get it in with halo 4.
  6. And halo reach was shortly removed when it stopped making money. So was halo 4. Halo simply does not generate enough revenue for mlg to justify running at tournaments anymore.
  7. Good interview. Some people are disapointed that this was not an announcement. Of course it's not a an announcement of a new tournament or halo 5 features- it's just an interview. And if you read between the lines two things were pretty much confirmed with like 75% accuracy: a team-based tourney run by 343 and spec mode for halo 5.
  8. cortana has always been naked.
  9. Yes, and there was a reason why it was removed. You either camp top shotgun or bottom mid. It was completely stale and boring gameplay and half of the map was never used. I would rather just play on a flat surface. It's a map kind of like station 9 in that it is so simple that the gameplay becomes drab and it gives people the illusion of it requiring more teamwork when in reality it just had a really tiny skill gap.
  10. The map would play terribly competitvely. Esepcially with the liner tunnels underneath where teams can even camp in those rooms.
  11. nope. You are in a long range engagement. you have to guess whether they will strafe left or right. You aim a little to the left and fire. They choose to do a stutter strafe at the same time however and go right. You miss becaused you rolled the dice wrong. With hitscan you still have to aim with the same precision- the only difference is that there is no guesswork involved. Just make aim assist lower and keep hitscan.
  12. It shortened the gap because it killed off most of the competitive players. And I have to really, really disagree about it making matchmaking more competitive.
  13. skyline is one of the top 2 maps and is used for team throwdown. Monolith is pretty good and some people are wanting it in throwdown. landfall is also pretty good, but a larger map, and some people want a sectioned off version of it for use in throwdown. Champions includes 2 maps: pitfall is a remake of the the pit, and vortex is a decent but perhaps not competitive map. It only costs $6 to download these two maps. IMO i would not actually bother with buying any map packs at all since halo 4 is practically dead. Only buy them if you are serious about continuing to play halo 4 for a while with friends and in team throwdown/competitive customs.
  14. well, to be fair, it does add to the realism. But halo is not and should not be striding for realism over gameplay.
  15. It won't range as much as it currently does, where some games you are teleporting all over the place and some games you are merely dropping shots. It will still have lag, just mostly on the milder side of things. And I would personally vote for hitscan even if there were no lag at all simply because I feel that projectile-based shooting includes inherent randomness/rolling of the dice when it comes to long range engagements.
  16. The only ones worth getting are the champions maps, and the majestic maps. Also forge island of course, but that's free.
  17. to be fair, he is not the one that designed cortana, and we can all agree that halo 4 cortana is still less sexual than that metal gear character. For all we know, he probably dislikes the halo 4 cortana as well, but just feels less safe about blurting that out on twitter as he will for sure be fired.
  18. it's not a 4v4 though. I'm not sure that it is fair to compare 4v4 maps to 8v8/6v6 maps. I would agree with you that last resort is the best of the big maps.
  19. this is inexcusable to me. You can troll about the game and stuff, but don't ruin the campaign for other people.
  20. None of what came before this paragraph do I care about. All what you said here, however, is that "343 gets it". How about you post some specifics about your conversations with the 343 staff so that we can judge it for ourselves? I want to actually hear about what you talked about, and what their opinions were, not just that you talked and had a jolly good time. As strange as it sounds, that's kind of what I'm asking for. No, I don't need conversation logs and I don't need to know every last detail-you can save the inflections- I just want to get what the jist of coachmayne's conversations were. You have to understand this from our perspective. We weren't there. We did not get to talk to 343. All what we are asking for are some details- which so far only Saucy has started to give in that one thread that was prematurely locked. hilarious mod edit.
  21. hitscan>projectile With projectile some things are out of your control at longer range- such as trying to essentially guess which way they will strafe next. With hitscan you just have to be good at aiming and no luck is involved. Just decrease the aim assist if it's too much. Also, online projectile is more likely to be affected by lag.
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