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  1. And the blood sacrifice ritual begins at half past midnight. also, that kid is totally going to get his dad fired. I have no sympathy for either of them- dad should have told the kid not to be an idiot and get him fired.
  2. In my mind asymmetrical maps *do* unequivocally create an imbalance, since by definition they will have players spawn into differing circumstances. However, those imbalances may be too slight to affect the outcome of a game.- and although they are imbalanced it is possible that they don't give one team even a marginal edge over the other- although what is probably much more likely is that they give 1 team an unnoticeably slight advantage, and other factors simply take over in determining who will win. In other words, while asymmetry does lead to imbalances, it is important to note that imbalances do not necessarily create advantages. On some maps though, I would imagine (like lockout) that it is not so slight of an advantage. I'm still surprised by the statistics you brought up about guardian- although I believe you. Constructs asymmetry I can understand not affecting outcomes since it was very slight compared to guardian. Needless to say, at least this is good discussion.
  3. The way that I described it is precisely a way around it. Did you not even read it?
  4. I like the list, but I would add a non-bloom DMR. Also, I don't agree with the people above who want to be able to choose between their primary weapons in games- that makes things more class-based i.e. counter-based as opposed to everyone starting on the same exact footing i.e. arena. I don't want to have to worry about juggling between BR and DMR and it forcing me to take on different roles on say, the pit, depending on what I choose. Other weapons should just be map pickups. Also a no-bloom/no-spread DMR > BR with spread.
  5. you didn't mention that the biggest reason for having a smaller tv is to reduce screenlag and similar issues.\ Also, I fundamentally disagree about "player roles" like they are things that you have to have defined for you on the team. The best thing to do is just know who the best sniper is and other than that you all do the same things and you all pull objective when needed. Although it is true that you need players who know how to move off of each other/ support together.
  6. halo 2 campaign is the best for its time. Especially the legendary mode. Halo 4 legendary is easy mode.
  7. Personally, as stated above multiple times, I still feel that it *is* a randomness inducing mechanic similar to rock-paper-scissors in that both players are in complete control of their own actions, but when mingled create a random/luck based encounter. Now, with projectiles it is obviously much less of a luck factor than rock/paper/scissors, but my point still stands that the opponent has the ability to move after you shoot and before the bullet hits them- which is completely unpredictable from the shooter's point of view. This translates to very minor, yet existent, amount of guesswork involved when trying to lead shots at long range. I really wouldn't mind leading dmr shots that much though- I really just dislike leading coupled with spread on the br.
  8. no I agree with you especially once you brought those statistics up (assuming they are true). It really does not matter that much. Really I just have OCD and would like to minimize even ridiculously tiny imbalances/randomnes.
  9. You guys should make me a mod. I'll do my best to permaban people at random and blame it on other mods, as well as editing in inappropriate statements into random people's comments so that they can get chewed by others.
  10. perhaps you are right. I have personally never noticed a difference in the back of the bases. What difference exactly are you talking about? Also technically narrows is asymmetrical- but only slightly so. dem icicles.
  11. I speedwatched breaking bad a few weeks ago. There's really only 1 filler episode the entire time, but it actually functions as a really well done short imo. You will know it when you see it. I'm super stoked to be watching it as it ends. (spoiler: The Fly)
  12. I suppose that's somewhat fair as well.
  13. So I'm not sure how much thought you guys have given this before, but do you think it would be a good idea to split team slayer into 2 rounds on asymmetrical maps? Basically the problem of course with asymmetric maps is that they tend to give one team a slight to drastic advantage off of the initial spawn based on where your team will spawn. In order to balance this more, it could be split into two rounds- each round to 25 kills- and each round having the teams switch initial spawning position. At the end of both rounds and thus the game, the kills will be tallied up (as they are automatically) and whoever got the most kills from both rounds combined will win. In the case of a tie (for example: round 1: Team A- 25 kills Team B- 14 kills, round 2: Team A- 14 kills Team B: 25 kills) it can be decided based upon one of two ways: whoever got the most kills the first round (or second), or (and this would be better because it could be- in very rare circumstances- that they simply tied both rounds and ran out of time or both got to 25 kills at the exact same time) simply have a third round for 5 mins or something where one team (red team) is given that slight advantage off of spawn. These tie breakers would of course give 1 team that slight advantage- but it would only happen if they do indeed tie, which already is a very rare thing for slayer. tl;dr this idea would reduce the imbalance caused by asymmetrical maps to only occurring in the case of a tie- as opposed to occurring every single game as it stands now. What do you think? Am I missing something why this wasn't tried before (I'm sure it has been discussed)? edit: A good analogy that I just realized (and posted below) would be comparing this idea to what is already being done in sports like soccer. At halftime they switch sides to account for the very slight asymmetric imbalances of the field. Since maps like guardian and even abandon are much more asymmetric than soccer fields or basketball courts, why not adopt their mentality and "switch sides" at halftime? tl;dr: By using rounds to switch initial spawns after one team reaches 25 kills, we can remove imbalances caused by asymmetric maps while still utilizing the awesome features of asymmetric maps such as power positions and reacting to your imbalanced predicament off of the spawn. (In fact- now you get 2 chances to react off of the spawn!)
  14. They are class shooters. Class. You choose different weapons/ armor abilities/ support/tactical packages which makes it a class shooter. It's just that the roles aren't as pronounced as say, TF2. It is not an arena shooter- everyone does not start on equal footing with the exception of spawn location.
  15. ^^^ I would like to deny the claims that dersky wouldn't get down on you for making him lose/dragging him down. Sean would be disappointed and would probably stop playing with you, although he wouldn't necessarily be an asshole about it. Same goes for his duo partner aaron elam aka ace.
  16. Dick riding. You mean to say dick riding. As in straddling the eel, mounting the one-eyed snake, ascending the sausage, bestriding the bald man...
  17. I definitely agree with this opinion- although I'm being chewed up for it in this thread. http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2843-with-dedicated-servers-are-you-foragainst-hitscan-in-h5/page-2
  18. for future reference, please multiquote the people that you are replying to (and then snip their comments to remove clutter) so that they can know that you are replying to them.
  19. This is essentially my exact opinion- no defensive aas/equipment that produce stagnant gameplay. Also, it is crucial that the map is not polluted with an overabundance of these "powerups" in the same exact way that it is crucial that maps are not polluted with an overabundance of power weapons. I definitely agree with being able to retain the ability to shoot with the movement modifiers- and it's a point that I don't think I've personally seen brought up before. Being able to see the abilities on your opponent is also crucial- in the same way that you can see a secondary weapon on an opponent. Once you have eyes on the target- there should be no surprises like a last second evade.
  20. this has been confirmed as being the "agl national championship".
  21. I agree with you, I just don't feel the need to be reminded every damn time he makes a comment haha. I mean, I kept my mouth closed (or should I say my keyboard) the last 5 or so times but now it's getting kind of annoying. Perhaps he'd want some relief as well?
  22. I understand this, and I mentioned it in my post (perhaps you didn't see my edit)- the point is that (theoretically- i.e. without stuff like lag and bloodshots) the shot is decided based on whether the opponent was in your reticule at the moment of firing. Even though the actual registration of the shot would have to occur later simply due to the speed of electricity and the need for the game to calculate- i.e. run a program on your shots. If you see my edit, the projectile velocity would not only have to be very high, but I believe it would actually have to accelerate. Also your point about quake was very astute.
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