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  1. Yes you can. You can see their shields flashing when they are weak- that's the only thing that matters here. You can see your opponents health on them, which is why I dislike the health bar mechanic in reach and CE because it hides more of that aspect. The regenerating health in halo 4 is still hidden from you, yes, but it's much less of a problem. Also, backpack weapon doesn't matter because it takes time for them to pull it out (which you can see), and knowing their ammo really doesn't matter that much because you can safely assume in 95% of your BR battles that the other person has at least enough shots to kill you. Also I *really* dislike AAs because you can't see your opponent's AA, so thank you for pointing that one out- I agree it's pretty bad to not have any idea whether someone is going to hardlight or thruster the next second because you have no idea if they have it or not. But none of that matters. My main point is that *health*/shields specifically should be something that you can read off of an opponent. Honestly I would prefer it if they had little HP bars floating over people's heads when you aim at them - right behind their gamertag.
  2. Ring 3 He's still on Ring 3. RING THRREEEEEEEEEE!!!
  3. Yeah thruster pack is cool at first, but it really is too easy to evade with it. It would be much better to just have quicker strafing implemented in the game. As far as the word "depth" is concerned- I agree that people use it as a copout for solid reasoning. Instead, try and argue that a mechanic will increase the skill gap, as well as still keeping the core gameplay nonrandom and balanced. I would personally argue that button combos add to the skill gap, however they do not make the game unbalanced since it's difficult to pull them off. IT's a risk vs reward game here- the easier things to do should give you less reward (aiming an AR at someone) and the more difficult things to do should give you more reward (pulling off a double-shot, fighting with your team to aquire the power weapon, etc.) <--- that's "balance". Since button combos add to the skill gap while retaining balance (since they are more difficult to pull off accurately) they add "depth" to the game. It is not enough to simply say the word "depth" and feel that it argues your point- you have to explain how it accomplishes skill gap + balance + nonrandom. (button combos are clearly not "random" in the way that bloom in reach added randomness.)
  4. I agree with everything you've said ciutchism. Here's my own two cents about sprint: http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/1id153/legendary_slayer_has_made_me_love_this_game_again/cb3k5sr The only problem is that I honestly believe that sprint is here to stay, and that 343 has already decided to keep it in for halo 5. (they will also more than likely keep loadouts/perks) I Think descope will return, but I have zero hope for no sprint.
  5. The difference is in knowing what your opponent has. You can see someone carrying rockets around the corner. You cannot see someone else's health bar and know whether or not they have lower health from a previous engagement.
  6. I know there is health in h2,3,4 ..... What I said was that I prefer it that way- to regenerate. Not to stay low like in reach or CE.
  7. no health packs please.- no two engagements should be different based on whether or not someone was in a prior engagement, and it slows gameplay down. having regenerating health show up would be fine.
  8. My exact thoughts. I'm fine with BR burst fire- just take away the bullet spread. Preferably have a killtime in the 1-1.5 second range, although this of course depends on sprint/no sprint and other sandbox factors.
  9. I thought naded did good last tournament? He must have had intercourse with lethul's mom.
  10. Reach was terrible but bungie didn't make it terrible on purpose. They just hired a lot of new people and the old timers moved on to destiny, so we were left with a pile of shit. I still think that halo 4 (with the update and no random ordnance) has a better core gameplay than reach due to slightly better maps and much better/fluid movement. Team throwdown really does "feel" like halo except the maps are a bit worse and it has those personal ordnance which I'm pretty meh about.
  11. I would personally like to say think you for this (: I'm downloading it.
  12. I don't think ordnance should be tied to either points or kills or anything like that, since stats are inherently broken. If you do it by points then it introduces the randomness as was stated up there that your teammate can do all the objective work but then he dies and you carry it 2 feet onto your flag and boom 100 points. If you do it by kills, well, that obviously has its problems as well. I have never seen a "stating" of halo that correctly measured player skill. They tried it in reach with that ELO system but it wasn't very good, and the point system in halo 4 isn't the best either, so why not just admit that the system is flawed and get rid of personal ordnance in favor of ordnance that drops on the map for both teams to compete for and is *perfectly* fair? That being said, I don't think it affects gameplay too terribly much so it wouldn't really bother me if it's kept in. In other words the system is decent, but it would be better if they just didn't have personal ordnance and instead just used map spawning AAs. I understand that personal ordnance was used so as to bridge the community divide and unite casual + competitive, but that is no longer necessary. I mean, legendary slayer isn't using personal ordnance and it's supposed to bridge the gap between throwdown and casual...
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