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  2. great retort. Would've loved to have seen actual substance instead.
  3. There are better ranking systems than 1-50 that exist in gaming nowadays. Furthermore I will give you $100 if the guy they hired from starcraft (who did their ranking system) doesn't implement a ranking system that is just as good if not better. I am 95% certain on this. I am also 75% sure of a spec mode of some sort for halo 5, after frankie's interview. As for campaign- I would like to see leaderboards here (even though I personally am not much of a campaign guy). I just think it would be cool to see an in-game leaderboard for both: 1. speedruns (these would be separated by difficulty including Mythic) 2. points (no need to separate by difficulty as more difficulty will add points. Mythic, with all the skulls, will add many multipliers, so that will automatically become the difficulty of choice for this leaderboard)
  4. Giggle didn't cheat. He used the sign out glitch one week to see how far he could get a streak, but he already qualified a previous week without using the signout glitch so it didn't actually matter at all.
  5. If there is a gameplay-affecting difference off of the spawn between teammates other than spawn location it is no longer an "arena" shooter by my definition. There is no such thing as a "pure" class shooter. Only class and arena. And yes, class-based shooters have varying levels of how different the classes are from one another. Not sure what you mean by saying "presumptuous" - that word implies that I am making an assumption, however I am not making an assumption; I'm merely stating my opinion on the definition of a word.
  6. ... and another person clearly did not read my earlier comment that explains it. protip: if you are going to argue against someone's argument, READ their argument.
  7. also, thanks for the link frosty as I tend to not know when these things are occurring.
  8. It's not a gradient going from arena to class. Yes, there are some class shooters where the differences between classes are much more drastic than others, and surely halo 4 is on the low end of that, but putting it simply: If there is a gameplay-affecting difference off of the spawn other than spawn location it is no longer an "arena" shooter by my definition.
  9. It is a 5shot kill while the BR is now a 4shot kill There *are* implicit differences that the weapons suggest since they are not the same weapon but rather have gameplay affecting differences. You will certainly not get identical results using a BR at range as using a DMR, and same up close. If there is a gameplay-affecting difference off of the spawn other than spawn location it is no longer an "arena" shooter by my definition.
  10. extraction overkill clilp was the best. I have a soft spot for throwdown.
  11. would just prefer an original name since heinz is keeping ambush. Preferably better than "requiem" since requiem is a terrible name.
  12. As I believe I've stated like 8 times now, it doesn't matter how small the difference is, if there is a difference off of the spawn other than spawn location it is no longer an "arena" shooter by my definition. The difference between BR and DMR is not even a slight difference anyway- If your team could have 1 person with a DMR and the other 3 with a BR that would actually change your player roles in relation to one another, with your support player having the DMR and filling in gaps behind your other teammembers rushing for the majority of the game. It's definitely a bigger difference maker than just plasma/frag.
  13. throwdown has such a huge barrier because the population is too small for a decent rank progression. I search in team throwdown alone all the time (if I'm online with friends we just play customs), and incidentally my csr is like a 20 in the playlist. That doesn't stop me from getting matched with csr 50s though.
  14. You didn't even understand my comment when you read it so I don't know why you keep insisting this. If you don't even know what I was saying how can you argue against it? Obviously spread makes it random- I was talking about something else as well that would exist even if there were no spread at all. It's always an issue, as I described, by a small distance on your screen. Especially with a responsive strafe system like in halo 2. Also, I always said I was talking about long-distance shooting. I never once said that I was talking about close-distance. It may only be the difference of 10 pixel-widths. But that's 10-pixel widths nontheless.
  15. strongsiding is putting your head down while running away from someone- usually while strafing as well. Gandhi hopping is when you jump while repeatedly crouching in the air while shooting at someone. Makeitstoping is when you win a game 50-0.
  16. funny but not really vindictive of what I was saying at all. I didn't say that I would for sure always be in a different spot than I would with a BR, just that there are slight, yet noticeable, differences that I would make at particular times in relation to my teammates. Another example- At the start of simplex I always rush purple- that's what I do for my team. If I had a DMR though I would instead switch, let a teammate do that, and instead use my DMR to stay at the top of my base off of the spawn and put shots on enemies rushing OS/staying on their base/ going top purple/top gold since I can support from much greater ranges. I'm not saying that I would never rush purple with a DMR. Just that at particular moments I would rather choose supporting positions over rushing positions. If there were both DMR and BR spawns it would lead to slight yet noticeable differences in playstyles.
  17. I think Legit will do more for them than Heinz. Also @ OP, definitely dropping naded was the worst
  18. I like playing against people though who don't know about timing weapons.
  19. Aight, I created the youtube channel. Tell me if you like the layout OP.
  20. If I'm on Onyx with a DMR you bet your ass I'd be more willing to sit at the top of my base off the spawn as a support player rather than rushing yellow or green. I'll let my teammates with a br do that. It's the same exact reason why when you pick up the LR on station 9 you should have a marked difference in playstyle than your teammates who are primarily using a BR- watching the extraction from Afar. The difference is slight- and you *may personally* not play differently based upon what weapon you are holding, but that doesn't change the fact that there are differences in the weapons and thus differences in playstyle that would be beneficial to make between them.
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