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  1. Seniors in high school today are old enough to have played starting from halo c.e.
  2. Wut. So you're saying that you need a rank, in order to enter the playlists that rank you. Fuck that. I'd rather have playlists that do not rank you in any way (social)- not even hidden rankings, and the other playlists to rank you. In other words ranked/social. Easy.
  3. I refuse to massacre the English language in such a way. What you are calling "player randomness" is not randomness at all but rather "controlled" mechanics. It may not be controlled by you personally but that does not make it random. Examples include enemy strafing, aiming, etc. Keep it simple and true- randomness = bad, controllable = good.
  4. haha, that was funny with their commentary: "yeah, I'm not convinced that that kid was that good." I completely agree- less editing is generally better.
  5. I just realized that I am literally the greatest player to ever play the game of Halo.
  6. I consider this a good thing since it adds to the skill gap and what you can accomplish with more knowledge.
  7. You do realize that that mod is far from perfect and could never be implemented in matchmaking right? It doesn't even work for guests or promethean weapons, and a lot of times the descope is slow.
  8. how about v4 settings? I'd say that's an accomplishment. I can absolutely have fun playing TTD now.
  9. nah that's just a fan. Yeah I agree- I think the community needs to be educated about this. However the other big problem is that it's a smaller airport which costs more.
  10. While I agree with Sam that anything other than map pickups isn't "halo", unfortunately the state of console fps gaming means that arena shooters are out and class-shooters are in. I fully expect to see a return of AAs, loadouts, POs, etc. All what I can hope for are classic playlists.
  11. Exactly. DRM is not a requirement for these features- they just tried to bundle it that way because it suits their corporate interests to remove buyer's ownership.
  12. Shit dude, you can see into the future too? Then there really is no excuse for you being hit by ordnances.
  13. Well jeez MrBucket- sounds like you need to get better at avoiding the ordnances that you specifically call in with a marker on your HUD indicating exactly where not to stand. (I kid, I kid, I agree that it shouldn't damage you.)
  14. You got downarrowed three times, but with no explanation. I'm curious, didn't they say exactly that? That shuttles for $25 take you from the airport to the event center?
  15. No. It is not even remotely close to the same thing as them dropping DRM. At all. I pity people who would rather have the xbox+DRM. They have been deluded into thinking that it was "needed" in order to have their "family sharing" that was never even going to work like how they thought it would. If you analyze each of the DRM points in the policy (such as having to connect every 24 hours to online, not being able to sell used games unless publishers were kind enough to grant you permission, etc.) it's easy to realize that it's all bullshit that screws the consumer over.
  16. You continue to only look at extreme scenarios where there is a massive disparity between relative k/d's. Once again, individual csr works relatively well for situations where there is a large gap in skill, but if the population is large enough to where that only occurs rarely than w/l only is the way to go. And who are you to say that swat, snipers, and btb require less teamwork? If anything BTB would require more teamwork in a hypothetical situation where full teams are playing against each other. You personally may not put much teamwork into swat when you search alone but that has nothing to do with the playlist by itself evaluated on an objective basis. Even in swat you can do things to benefit the team that stats will never be able to show- such as forcing spawns, watching back angles, communicating, etc. Statting the game will always be imperfect. Always. If you base it on w/l than all what that means is that you have to do whatever it takes for your team to win. Are you losing a lot because your teammates drag you down in team snipers? To bad, that's what you get for searching alone in team snipers. The primary objective in any game of halo is to win- not to pad your k/d. The only way to truthfully measure a players ability to win in a particular playslist is to literally calculate their ability to win in that playlist. If you are playing in team snipers and you have a bad team than you shouldn't go up. That's the point of team playlists. And even if you are searching by yourself, if the population is large enough to create a decent rank progression you will still be matched with players at roughly your skill level, so it won't matter- which is exactly how halo 2 and halo 3 worked.
  17. Yeah I don't blame them or anything- kids will be kids. It's just so damn akward to watch.
  18. Perhaps next time you see a fellow mod permabanning/ TOing accounts that aren't spamming (including ones that aren't my own) then you should speak up and ask for them to stop. Then I will high five you. I mean, I've been TOd on accounts that didn't even have makeitstop in the name and all I did was say something to naded about circumcisions or something.
  19. Aha, so you admit to permabanning accounts that did no harm. What a cruel world I live in with this totalitarian repressment.
  20. Step 1: become e-famous Step 2: have an opinion that matters Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit. Otherwise, all what you can really do is continue to post here, tweet out streams and such, post on other forums (in a constructive way- engage in dialogue with noobs), continue to play team throwdown instead of just customs all day, support ghost's endeavor's, watch,like,favorite, and subscribe to competitive halo youtube channels, purchase from the teambeyond store/agl store etc. Ultimately this is kind of like voting. If you aren't famous/at the top than your only contribution comes in the form of minor +'s that can add up to a whole lot if other people are with you.
  21. You've permabanned accounts of mine that were not spamming at all. Multiple times.
  22. You didn't prove me wrong at all. You cannot get modded settings into matchmaking. I was obviously talking about what could actually be done outside of changing the structure of the game itself. Let me restructure my original point to make this clear: You cannot make halo 4 play more like halo c.e. than halo 3 without modding the game. That's what I meant. With mods you can do anything, but it's purposeless outside of custom games. Hypothetically one could literally mod halo c.e. into the halo 4 engine, but that's not what I'm talking about.
  23. Thanks for the response and I agree with the reasoning. As a suggestion perhaps such a statement could be made in threads that you are about to lock? Just so that people aren't left wondering. If you feel however that the reason for locking should be obvious and that posting a clarifying comment would just be a waste of your time than I understand.
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