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  1. My other problem with projectile though is that when you are shooting at someone who is strafing it becomes a game of guess where they will strafe next. It wasn't as bad in halo ce obviously with the really quick kill times, and perhaps it adds more in skill gap than it takes away in randomness, but IDK.
  2. What I'm saying is that for the purpose of this poll you can't use that. Yes, I know that ZBNS was a game changer, but what I'm saying is that if you allow for a full 1.5 years of reach to be brushed aside, then you would also have to do the same for halo 4 as it hasn't even been a year yet. It isn't exactly fair to compare NBNS reach with Halo 4 in this manner because you haven't given halo 4 the same amount of time yet. For the purpose of this poll we are simply to determine which halo game made us lose interest in the franchise- and reach was the first to do so even if a patch 1.5 years later gave us interest again.
  3. Look, it's fine to say that you weren't that good at halo 3. Just don't make excuses like "i didn't have anyone to play with". Even without anyone a good player could at least get to 45.
  4. projectile sucks for online play. hitscan all the fucking way. Also I think most forgers dislike halo 4's forge. You need to have a mix of halo 4+ reach stuff that was removed *and* new features such as *color pallets* for use. Ultimate new feature: custom game searches.
  5. doesn't count. That's a full 1.5 years that made me lose interest in halo. I didn't even know about nbns until halo 4 was about to be out. Hell, halo 4 hasn't even been out for 1 year yet.
  6. tl;dr have an elo system with league divisions
  7. My only complaint is that k/d is even shown. Honestly imagine how much better of team players people would become if they only focused on win %.
  8. Nah. There is no way he could have foreseen that 343 wouldn't let him have no sprint afterwards. IMO it was the right decision at the time to keep sprint for v1 and then see what could be done afterwards, but unfortunately 343 is not giving him the settings.
  9. Well now no need to go and make excuses. You *could* get a 50 in team playlists just by searching by yourself eventually, but you could at least get to 45 alone (I have), and of course there was always lone wolves.
  10. honestly the halo 3 names were fine- just make it harder to become a 5-star general (aka grandmaster), 4-star general (aka master) all the way down.
  11. You want him to answer the question: "does 343 realize as a company how important it is for H5 to be good on release day?" Like, seriously? What do you think he's going to say?
  12. Hate to be a grammarnazi but you should switch the semi-colon and the comma in this sentence. I had a hard time reading it at first :lol:
  13. yo peeps, bravo is obviously not allowed to talk about halo 5, so stop asking lol.
  14. Where is that audio from? It sounds like "bionic R". seabiscuit? I literally understand none of these jokes except for that mongoose thing at the end.
  15. He never said "jump ship", he repeatedly mentioned that you can play both games. And furthermore he never said what to do when halo 5 comes out- he was purely talking about the immediate future from now until march.
  16. And a ranking system. You need both to survive and they are both of prime importance.
  17. Sprint, no descope and flinch work in cod due to the near instantaneous kill-times. You cannot simply compare mechanics in a bubble between halo and COD- you have to consider other factors. And these mechanics are fine in cod.
  18. I'm sorry but I completely disagree. He simply stated that if you want to make money as a professional gamer in the console market the smartest thing for you to do is play CoD. And it's the complete truth. He isn't "ditching" halo, he is still going to commentate halo events like he has been, but realistically halo is dad for now, and it will continue to be dad unless halo 5 revives it- which is a longshot because as we all know it is far more likely that halo 5 will continue down the road that reach and halo 4 went.
  19. Yes. I am one year older than you and I have a younger brother who has been playing halo with me since C.E. I additionally know many people *my age* who have similarly been playing since c.e.
  20. No it isn't. With spread there is automatically an issue of randomness inserted into the game, where at longer ranges you can have your aim dead set on someone and you still miss a bullet or two because of the random spread. And please don't say that a BR with no spread is the same as the DMR. There is a clear marked difference in that the br shoots three individual bullets each after each other. This means that for that split second that you are pulling the trigger you have to keep your aim on target for all 3 bullets to hit- otherwise you can miss. And yes, you can also hit multiple targets side by side.
  21. Yes. I'm entering college this year and I've been playing since C.E. although perhaps I was only decent in halo 2.
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