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  1. It's just the art style- which I agree was best in halo 3. Notice how the map isn't filled with clutter just for the sake of clutter. Simple with good color schemes. Reach and halo 4 (especially reach imo) went for a more "realistic" visual scene similar to CoD, where even the spartans have signs of wear and tear on their armor- which I dislike compared to the more fanciful halo 3. Everything looks cleaner and better when utility is the motive, not jagged edges on all the walls.
  2. Being able to look around while jumping would certainly improve your gameplay- same as being able to melee while looking around. It may not be a huge improvement, but it is an improvement. You said it yourself: you never even tried it. It is honestly difficult for me to understand why people wouldn't have taken the day to switch to it back in halo 3. In my eyes it was objectively the best for sure in halo 3, and still is in halo 4 although there are some minor grievances with jetpacking and aiming at the same time (which is irrelevant for someone like me who doesn't even use jetpack in infinity slayer).
  3. only with the current settings and only assuming that the other team doesn't have a goaltender.
  4. can't jump while looking around, can't melee while looking around. bumper jumper better- removes the need to claw.
  5. Everybody having thruster pack would suck. Forget strafing- people would have a field day thrustering back to the nearest cover and then running away. It would take out the skill in cover-based engagements.
  6. It's crazy that individual csr exists at all. K/d is often irrelevant when it comes to winning a team game. Points are as well, although at least points take into account assists.
  7. Are they still keeping it first to 10? I'd rather they have have it first to 20 than first to 10.
  8. same. Bumper jumper is objectively the best control scheme unless you are an avid jetpacker who cannot claw even a little bit. For team throwdown though- bumper jumper all the way. I would just fix the d-pad so that grenade cycling is press down and the armor abilities are up,left, and right. That's the only change worth making.
  9. Yeah station 9 is waaay to basic- (kind of like dispatch). Yes- you have to teamshoot. Well guess what- against good teams you have to teamshoot on other maps as well. All what station 9 does is lower the skill gap soo much to where you have to teamshoot even when playing against randoms by pushing at the same time down a linear hallway. It's the easiest map by far to master.
  10. ricochet is fun but I honestly don't understand how you like sprint in that map/gametype. IT makes things waaaay to chaotic- especially with instant respawn. Don't even get me started on that new perk that lets you remove stopping power.
  11. 1st thing to understand is that it lags behind by a game. So you can get 1st and go down because *your last game* you had last. 2nd thing to understand is that individual csr playlists only care about points. If you are in the top half you go up, bottom half you go down- the changes are more drastic depending on how close to 1st or last you are. Only points matter in these playlists- aim for top 3 point scorers in a 4v4 to try and go up- although of course if you get first you are much more likely to go up. 3rd thing to understand is that it all depends on the csr of the people you are playing with as well. Even if you get first 3 times in a row you might not rank up if the people you were playing with are way below your level. (although you will never rank down for getting 1st in points- keep in mind point #1 if you think this has happened.) For team csr playlists all that matters is winning or losing- ignore point 2, allthough points 1 and 3 still apply. Team csr also takes much longer to rank up in. quickcsr.com lists each of the playlists and whether they are individual csr or team csr. Point 4: team csr is better and should be the way that they all are except for free for alls.
  12. since when can you go into theater and cycle between people's first-person perspectives? Unless they happen to upload the same game to their file share it can't be done.
  13. I purchased spartan assault. Gotta gem dem achievables magne.
  14. It just doesn't make sense though. The purpose of this game was, believe it or not, to sell the platform. That's why it was W8 only and not even an arcade feature.
  15. I want to make this a bigger deal than it reasonably should be. Start the hype train.
  16. Only if your settings allow it. It is possible to make the goal smaller/harder to reach you know.
  17. Why not just keep ricochet? I think that extraction was the best thing that ever happened in halo 4 other than the 4sk update. New gametypes can be great. I'm all for modded customs though.
  18. why would they ever release an iOS version? This is microsoft we are talking about here.
  19. still though, I personally wouldn't change anything from bumper jumper.
  20. gameplay def could have been better. He definitely has better plays in his repertoire- some this stuff were old plays that were only kind of decent. He's got enough recorded on his stream to make a 10 min montage of all clips better than these easily.
  21. whoa whoa whoa- we said noncontroversial. In all seriousness, I would like to see a theater mode where 1st person views for others is attainable- this would make learning from others soo much easier. I just got beaten by heinz a couple times in rumble pit (I know I know I suck)- I would like to be able to view these games from his perspective to see what he did right- a third person view is annoying and leaves out crucial information. Perhaps with dedicated servers on the xbox one this will become a possibility.
  22. Unfortunately for both you, I respectfully disagree. (trying my best not to get another random deleted comment) You cannot just look at these things in a bubble. Sprint fundamentally affects how a map is played so of course you can't just ignore it and be like "that's off topic guys- we are talking about the maps and not sprint." It simply wold be nonsensical to do so. The fact of the matter is I would rather not see halo 2 maps be put into halo 5 since the halo 5 gameplay is fundamentally different with sprint. the maps would not even play right- they would be worse. As someone said up there you could sprint across midship in a second- it just wouldn't make sense. thank you for understanding what I had believed was a simple matter to understand.
  23. Nah, that's not really fair. I hated adrfit at first because it had the shittiest spawn system I've ever seen. That's been more or less fixed now though so it's not as bad anymore, and I'd rather see Adrift than dispatch as well. Dispatch is just too damn.... simple. there's nothing interesting about it other than ring 3. It's the worst of the 3 arena-forge maps. Also I don't want to see Vertigo either. IT really is a complete clusterfuck of random coverpoints, but maybe it can play. I'm not really sure. It certainly is an interesting map at the very least- I'm just not sure how it work in competitive play. In the end I'll trust the playtesters on this one.--- I think extraction would work better than slayer on it.
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